5 Tips for Writing Hot Article


Writing hot article is a nice way to attract traffic to your site. Hot article basically based on the situation or event related to the particular time the article is being published. It normally involves certain people such as leaders or celebrities. Here are a few tips for writing hot article in your site.

1. Look for the current popular trend

If you really want to pull traffic through your hot article, write something that is popular at the particular time. You can know this trend by knowing the current popular trend through Yahoo! Buzz Index and Google Trends. Compare the search trends from these search engines and find the most popular search.

2. Straight to the point

A hot article needs to be as simple as possible. Straight to the point and don’t go here and there. But you also have to explain on your own perspective or the readers cannot see the hot article from your view. Be simple and straight to the point.

3. Refer to trusted sources

Referring to sources is crucial as you need proof for your hot article. Check the source before you take any quote. I suggest quoting from the popular and acknowledged sources such as local and international newspapers. Don’t forget to put the credits for the sources after the quote or at the end of the article. For more detail on referring to the sources, you can read it here.

4. Beware with the words

As your article will involve other person, do beware of the words that you use. Avoid using explicit or racist words or statement or you might get negative responses from the readers. Use the general words and terms but do choose the best word to explain the story from your perspective.

5. Be Fair, Don’t Bias

Don’t ever let your emotion ruins your article. Yes, you have to put your view but you also have to be fair as readers might have different opinions between each other. Be balance while explaining your view about the story and let the readers judge.

Additional Information

You can read ‘Hot 100’ News Writing Tips compiled by Sheryl Swingley here.

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3 thoughts to “5 Tips for Writing Hot Article”

  1. The real challenge is to find the trends that you can apply to the niche that you are part of (assuming you are part of a niche and not just a generalist). Making the content as relevant as possible to your target audience can keep them coming back for more.

    Today, for example, Christmas is near the top of Y! Buzz and so this article could have the title “5 Tips for Writing A Hot Christmas Article”

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