Becoming A Subscriber: 3 Things That You Have to Keep in Mind

Actually I want to write about the advantages of being a subscriber but eventually I found that subscribing also can brings you problem so I decide to write about the things that you have to keep in mind first.

There is no point of becoming a subscriber if it only gives you headache and spoil your mood.

Let’s see the things that you have to keep in mind while becoming a subscriber.

1. The Mailer Reputation

There are pros & cons for being a subscriber in a mailing list. This thing depends on the owner of mailing list him/herself as he/she is the one who will send the newsletter or offer to your email. So make sure you know about the marketeer him/herself before subscribing. You can know about them through search engine or forums to know their reputation unless there are newbies in doing online marketing. Identify the benefits that you’ll get from subscribing to the list so you can make decision whether you want to subscribe or not.

2. Benefits & Disadvantages

When subscribing yourself in a mailing list, make sure you know the benefits as well as the disadvantages of being a subscriber for that list. Do you get the benefits as a subscriber? Do you have the chance in getting special offer or discount if you become a subscriber? You have to ask yourselves these kinds of question so it’s not just a wasting of time and your inbox space to receive dumb message and ‘updates’ from the list.

3. Your Privacy

Subscribing to a mailing list meaning that you have to give your name and email. Some people might use different email for subscribing but normally we use our name and our primary email to subscribe as it is easier for us to receive the updates. You have to keep in mind that giving your information is like risking your privacy. Your information might be sold to the 3rd party for illegal activities or spam so make sure you check and ensure that you subscribe to the list that can protect your privacy.

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3 thoughts to “Becoming A Subscriber: 3 Things That You Have to Keep in Mind”

  1. haha, there is really nothing that is risk free in the world. I guess we will lose our job if we use the company’s email to subscribe and end up with a malicious virus that crash the whole system!

  2. I usually subscribe to sites that I frequently visit. These sites do have value to me like they have useful information that I don’t want to miss (or have read too late for that matter). Some of which are friends of mine that we know each other personally. Beware of fan blogs though. Some of them can lead your email to a spam spree.

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