Consider Your Mood While Blogging

I believe blogging is more than a hobby for some people nowadays and for the sake of performance, we have to keep blogging everyday or we will lose the chance to increase what we got. The question is – do you ever consider your mood while blogging?

Well, I’m not going to talk about psychology matters here although in fact moods are related to our mind and psychological condition. And I believe most of you agree that we human feel various moods everyday and sometimes our moods could change in a short period. Yes, I want to arise that question again – do you ever consider your mood while blogging?

Believe it or not, our moods can affect the content that we created and the comments that we made. You might facing moods affecting the way how people communicate, talk and express what they feel everyday and the same concept applies to the articles that we produced for blogs. One more thing is we might keep postponing to update blogs due to bad or unsuitable mood. Some people said bad mood is “spoiler of the day”.

There are some ways on how to handle this matter, in case you notice that your mood is affecting your performance.

Produce More Posts While Getting Good Mood

The key is simple. Wait for good mood and then start writing! Write a lot of posts and articles related to your ideas. In other word, prepare a collection of your articles to be posted for your blog or guest posts. You can use and post them later especially when you are in your bad mood.

Relax Yourself

This is a natural way to handle the matter but if you really can’t apply this, you can try the method that I suggested previously. There are lot of ways to relax yourself – drink a coffee, watch TV, rest your mind & body or take a nap. The most important thing is to relax yourself and release your mind and body from stressful condition. After getting the spirit and good mood again, continue updating your blogs.

When talking about mood, I guess it is a general thing and you can apply this for other tasks too. I just make the scope smaller to blogging because getting good mood is important to produce nice content. It is no matter how you look into this matter, the most important things is to give yourself a suitable condition while blogging so you can produce beneficial and high-quality content.

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

14 thoughts to “Consider Your Mood While Blogging”

  1. That is gold! Sometimes I am just in the zone for writing posts and push out 3-4 in a day. But you definitely have to be in the right mood. Never blog when you are bitter or angry because it comes through in your writing.

  2. Its true. In fact I dont write or blog when I don’t feel to. In that way it helps you really maintain the quality of your posts.

    Most bloggers forget how to relax so they can be able to set to the proper mood.

  3. I could agree with it. To construct an impressive and excellent post you mast have your mood in creating your post. To make your post more interesting and delightful of sharing it to your readers.

    Make it slowly but surely and it will come along with a good post.

  4. Blogging with good mood is important because it will definitely help you as new ideas will start blossomed on your mind. Thus, it will also unleashes the creative side of yours.

  5. I don’t write when I’m not in the mood. It feels like it’s a hindrance when if I write posts when I’m not in good mood. I once wrote a post that was so crappy that I have to delete it because I was not in the good mode when I wrote it

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