Dealing with Negative Comments


Getting comments is a normal activity in blogging life. Besides that, comments help to imporve our writing performance and encourage us to write more nice and quality contents for our sites.

However, sometimes we’ll get negative comments and most of the cases, very oppose with what we think in the content.

So what are we gonna do?

1. Be Positive
The most important thing is to be positive by yourselves. Don’t le any negative comments influence your mind or your next content. Negative comments sometimes can give you new ideas or potential for your site. Don’t fight fire with fire. Deleting the negative comments is not helping because the commenter might want to tell you something through the comment.

2. Be Responsive
Don’t let the negative comments ruin the situation in your site – so be responsive. Again, never delete the negative comments unless it’s really out of the content. Try to reply back the comment directly through the comment section or at least contact the commenter through their emails. Some negative commenter just tend to use anonymous name but don’t get mad or panic. Just reply it back responsively. Sometimes the other commenter or your loyal readers will come forward to help you. And you will see nice results for your site. The keyword is – always be polite!

3. Be Real
You are who you are. Although people cannot see you online or through your site, show them who you are. Some negative comments might touch or hurt your personal opinion or your personality, but always be cool because your writings reflect your personality. But it don’t mean you have to be other person. Be real. Be yourself. And it’s one step on how you can educate yourself and the others through blogging.

You might wondering what is the difference between negative comments and spam comments. Negative comment is the one that responding to your content while spam is never relate to your site or in other word – uninvited.

If you have any other suggestion or opinion on how to deal with negative comments, feel free to leave your comment below!

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Nasrul Hanis

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15 thoughts to “Dealing with Negative Comments”

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. You’ve got to take negative comments on the chin, and understand what and why the commenter said what they said. Generally from this, you can then change and adapt to improve that user’s experience, whilst not compromising others who were positive.

    “Sometimes the other commenter or your loyal readers will come forward to help you. ”

    ^ That’s very true. If other users can see through a negative commenter as a “hater”, rather than someone who is providing a somewhat “constructive” criticism, then you’re in a very comfortable position.

    Nice tips. I’m sure some bloggers may be eager to react in a negative manor also in the heat of the moment, but that does your credibility no good.

  2. Fortunately, I haven’t got much negative comments till now.

    There was some flaming on a post but I responded and told my point. This helped a lot.

    You have given some good tips in this post. I just Tweeted it.

  3. Keeping your blog post positive is a daily challenge…why?…because I could write daily about the stupid things people do everyday. I take the high-road most of the time, but every now and then I will write a blog post that is negative. I think it’s healthy to mix positive and negative comments. Thanks for the post.

  4. Having a blog means expressing your ideas. When you express your own thoughts you must be aware of the fact that some people might not like it, or might not agree. This shouldn’t discourage you at all.

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