Flexing The Marketing Muscle: The Home Truths About Promoting Your Blog

Going for mass-exposure when it comes to a blog is the goal, right? So what is that exactly? Marketing is a tricky concept, if we all had the tool to understanding what was the inner marketability of our products, whether blogs, bombs or bicycle pumps, then we would get exactly want we want, viewers, sales, followers.

But it’s not that simple. Marketing is something that requires a strategy, and many businesses use a marketing strategy. And what is it?

The overarching principles are:

  1. Making/creating or incorporating/implementing resources.
  2. Increasing visibility of the business or company, and generating leads.
  3. Choosing the right type of platforms for complete exposure via social media channels.
  4. Delivering/producing content, like using companies similar to magento enterprise developers or SEO
  5. Making sure you keep up with the current trends in market or updates in the technology.

Making a plan for marketing using these will help you to be more detailed in what your goals are to get yourself out there.

I want to go back to point number three. If you are not aware of getting on as many different platforms as you can, then get a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook account etc, set up. Having a big following in social media is a major indicator of how important you are as a brand or product. And if you have something to promote, which you do, yourself via your blog, then getting on different platforms is the name of the game. One way to do this is:

Appear On A Podcast

This is such a big business draw now that by starting your own podcast you could potentially have millions of listeners. But in getting people towards your blog and starting that traffic, you can make appearances on a podcast of note. Getting up the podcast market is almost like climbing the fame chain, there are the extremely popular podcasters at the top, Marc Maron, Tim Ferriss, This American Life, etc., and to get up there, you need to either A. start out in smaller ponds or B. get sponsoring.

Sponsoring a podcast is one way to get people to go to your site. You can do this by offering something. It’s easy with a business, as you can offer an online coupon or a discount if you quote the podcast, or something similar. Ideally, if you are promoting a blog, the content is the star of the show. So if you are a very personal blog, talking about, for example, teenage depression, then there is no point in trying to sponsor Serial. The demographic for Serial would not be teenagers. A lot of people make the mistake in trying to get themselves in as wide a catchment area as possible. However, this will only spread you thin.

A lot of creatives have the business/art struggle. At what point does it become too much of a business, that you lose your artistic sensibility? On the other hand, do you have an amazing blog which no one will see because you can’t get it out there? Flex the marketing muscle.

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Emily Anderson

Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

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