High-Impact vs Low-Impact Posts

I got inspired by an interesting post written by Leo Babauta at DailyBlogTips on how to deliver the highest impact with each post. He mentioned about the differences between high-impact and low-impact posts which I think an important thing that you need to know and consider if you are in your way to improve your blog performance and quality.

As a blogger, we write and publish various posts and articles per day or per week but sometimes we publish a lot of low-impact posts instead of high-impact one and as the result we don’t get the traffic and performance that we want for our blog.

First let’s look on the example of low-impact posts. You can find this type of post in many blogs however there is nothing to be discussed about. However some of this type might be highly discussed at famous celebrities’ blogs as for celebrities a small matter could be the big one for the fans.

Some example of the low-impact posts are:

  • What I did/ate today
  • A few favorite links
  • Sorry I haven’t been blogging in awhile
  • Tagged posts – with various types of tagging other bloggers
  • My love

Most of these low-impact posts discussed more on personal things and there is no point to be discussed thus make the uninteresting to be searched. As a result, there is less traffic for the post.

Leo Babauta then listed some examples of the high-traffic posts which are:

  • Extremely useful
  • Complete guides
  • Great headlines
  • Controversial
  • Memorable
  • Full of resources
  • New ideas
  • Looking at new angles/perspectives

For more details of the important points mentioned by the writer, you can read it at the original post at DailyBlogTips.

I am looking to write more high-impact posts after this to improve the performance instead of writing low-impact posts which are dominating the overall blog posts but there is no point of writing them (although sometimes you might got traffic from writing this type of posts).

How about you? Looking forward to know what do you think in mind =p

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

7 thoughts to “High-Impact vs Low-Impact Posts”

  1. Sometime being personal is good. It can have high impact too.

    To measure high impact first we have to define it. Whether more click/more comment/more traffic is an high impact. Then only we can decide which has high impact.

  2. @Agent Deepak: Yeah, in some sense I agree with you however I guess the writer mentioned the types based on the existing examples not on certain formula and yes, I agree with examples and starting to looking forward in implementing it =D

  3. I agree that low-impact posts occasionally make sense but they shouldn’t dominate the blog. What I’ve learned though is sometimes it’s hard to really predict what’s going to bring the traffic and what’s not. I’ve been shocked that some of my posts which I did not think were targeting any real keywords are now my most popular!

  4. I make it a point to write High-Impact posts often, but I bundle them smartly with the low impact one’s. Writing only the High impact posts sometimes gives a feeling of over-professionalism to the readers.

  5. It could be like this:

    If you don’t have something to write that is interesting think twice before writing or better yet, do not write at all (low-impact post)

    If you have an interesting topic to say that could benefit everyone and not just you write it (high-impact post)

    Most of the time, I write low-impact posts due to the fact that I have nothing to say but regrets it. I thought I have written a good post but I thought wrong. Because of these low-impact posts that I’m writing most of the time in my blog.

    Reading this blog, I realized that content is a mover of a blog. If you write good contents then your blog will prosper.

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