How Article Spinning Can Work For You

As most people believe in content as the king and article marketing is a nice method to boost up traffic and sales, I see there is a reason why article spinning becomes a good choice for some people. The question is – can article spinning works for you?

I felt glad the first time I knew there is such thing as “article spinning”. Why not? Besides creating 5-6 articles from 1 original articles, I can use the articles without have to worried of being banned due to duplicate content!

But the outcome somehow frustrated me. Too many grammatical errors and impossible-to-be-understood sentences made me gave up with this method. But then I realized that having some weakness doesn’t mean that it is useless at all. So for the sake of getting quality articles for my niche blogs, I practiced article spinning so I can create unique articles without wasting too much time.

There are three types of article spinning – automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

Automatic article spinning requires software and you can find many article spinner today. Most of them are premium software and you have to spend some cash for it. Different spinning software come with different features and most of them built based on spinning articles through synonyms and sometimes swapping different articles. The process is easy. Copy and paste the article that you want to spin and let the software do the rest. It’s totally easy however the results might not achieve your expectation as some words might not appropriate with the niche of the article.

You can try this free automatic article spinner: Utility Pump Article Spinner

Semi-automatic article spinning also needs article spinning software where you have to insert your choices of words or sentences for example “blogging is {awesome|amazing|interesting}” and then let the software creates the spun articles. This method avoids grammatical errors within your article however it’s quite time consuming as you have to set the variations of the sentences that you want to create.

You can try this free semi-automatic article spinner: Free Easy Article Spinner

Manual article spinning can be done by modifying the articles by yourself. You can copy different articles with same related topics into one place, swap the paragraphs and modify the sentences to make the article unique. This method also time-consuming and you also need knowledge in grammar to help you through this method.

So how article spinning can work for you?

Remember this key elements of an acceptable article:

  • Understandable
  • Logic
  • Minimum grammatical errors
  • Minimum spelling errors

From these ways of spinning article which had been mentioned above, the best way for me is combining automatic article spinning with manual way. Spin the article first and then you got unique articles with some grammatical errors and inappropriate words. Correct them manually. By doing this way you can get totally unique articles with minimum errors. I’ve been practicing this method and it works for me.

However if you want ultimate satisfaction of spinning the article you can use semi-automatic method or just do it manually.

Well, some people might oppose article spinning in the name of plagiarism but for me it is a way to cycle certain knowledge and information in different way and style. And I enjoy doing it!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

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