How to Stay on the Good Side of Google

If you’ve got a website of any kind, one of your concerns should be staying on the good side of Google. There’s no denying it; Google is the kind of search engines. If you get on their bad side, you may have to say goodbye to your site for good. Staying on their good side isn’t too hard; you just need to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules or doing anything dishonest. Let’s take a look:

Don’t Stuff Keywords

Stuffing keywords doesn’t look good to your visitors or the search engines. If your content has keywords stuffed into it at every given opportunity, chances are you have poorly written content.

Don’t Copy Content

You may have copied content on your site intentionally or unintentionally. Either way, Google does not like it one bit. Duplicate content is a huge no no; it’s all about having original content that you’ve written yourself! Use Copyscape to make sure it’s original.

Don’t Write Spam Comments

Don’t write spam comments on other websites, and don’t let them build up on yours either. They don’t look good to anybody who reads them, and Google might think there’s something dodgy going on.

Keep Up to Date With Changes in Algorithms

Every now and again Google updates its algorithms. This is usually given a name such as ‘penguin’ or ‘panda’. This can change things completely; you may feel as if all of the hard work you’ve put in has gone to waste. Your site may even get penalties, for whatever reason. Click here for Google penalty removal services. You can then make it up to Google by sticking to the rules.

Don’t Buy Links

Buying links can be looked at as an attempt to have your wicked way with PageRank. Buying lots of links could be your undoing after a while.

Don’t Use Footer Links

There are a few web designers out there who use footer links to manipulate PageRank. This is unnatural and should be avoided at all costs. Feel free to use it to help your visitors navigate their way around your site!

Don’t Hide Your Content

If you hide your content, chances are you’re doing something shady with it. If you try to hide keywords on pages by making the content invisible and Google finds out, your site will suffer.

Don’t Overuse Anchor Text

If you’re using forced keywords and phrases to fit in your anchor text, this isn’t going to look very natural at all. Use words the way you usually would and try not to think too much about anchor text. Overuse is never a good thing.

Don’t Put Up With Slow Speeds

Users will get impatient if your site is slow to load. There are a lot of factors that can affect this, so make sure you try to address as many as possible to speed your site up.

Use these tips and you should stay on the good side of Google. If you don’t, don’t panic. You can still pull it back by removing your penalties. Good luck!

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