Monetize Your Blog With Intellilinks

I am pretty sure that most of us are familiar with the phrases ‘blog monetizing’ or ‘making money with your blog’ and etc. Yes, it is a fact that the existence of blogs, blogging system and activities (or sometimes had been defined as an ‘industry’) gives us the chance and a nice platform to make money online. Yes, I admit that one of my blogging objectives is making money online and now I am on my way to improve what I got.

Sorry for the long introduction because I just want to make it short. I just want to share with you about one of my way or medium of monetizing my blog – Intellilinks.
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Current Poll Result: How do you define yourself as a blogger? (8/12/2009)


Earlier I had asked the readers who is involved in blogging on this simple question – how do you define yourself as a blogger?

17 people had contributed to give response to this poll. Thanks a lot! And the current result as this post is published is:

Full-time blogger 6%
Part-time blogger 56%
Blogging for cash 13%
Blogging as hobby 19%
Assignment 0%
Occasionally blogging 6%

So what can we conclude from this current result?
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