Is Your Blogging Goal Relevant?

I believe most bloggers got at least a reason why they do blogging.

And I do believe most of you got your own blogging goal. If not, I extremely suggest you find one for yourself.

Different bloggers got different blogging goals and it’s depend on their perception and desire or something that motivates us to blog. Talking about desire, you might want 1001 great things happen in your life. But the reality denies that – we can’t have everything we want.

I have a simple question today – is your blogging goal relevant?

You might see some common blogging goals such as:

  • Sharing ideas/Express feelings
  • Political reason
  • Meet more friends
  • Showing love for someone
  • Passionate on something
  • Making money online
  • Selling things
  • And etc.

It’s very rare to know any blogger who don’t have or even forgot setting the blogging goal. When I started my personal blog back in 2008, my blogging goal is to express my feelings and meet more friends online. After I explore more on making money online through blogging, I created more blogs with the goal of building a powerful niche blogs network – and blogging goal is – making money.

Some fellow bloggers asked me on what reason I created blogs with different niches. I said – it depends on your goals and strategies. I got cash from writing paid articles and sponsored posts so why not I’m creating more blogs on various niches so I can multiple my earnings? It’s different if you love designing themes or just have interest in one niche and then selling your own products through that particular niche – in that case you better stick to 1-2 blogs only.

Look, you plan, strategies and actions are depend on the most essential element – you blogging goal.

So – is your blogging goal relevant? Try to ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I capable of achieving the goal?
  • Is the goal profitable for me?
  • Do I have the passion for the goal?

If your answer is NO for a particular blogging goal, look for another goal and try to ask yourself these questions again. It’s time to review your blogging goal whether it is relevant for you or not.

Keep in mind that your blogging goal determines your strategies, efforts and success.