Utilizing “Read to Write” Approach

It is a common problem for most (I think I can say – all) bloggers to face with writer’s block. Yeah- we are neither novelists nor journalists but we still have to get new ideas to produce new content for our sites. Well, I always believe that content is the king and content is the catalyst for your sites to move on.

How about we try to utilize “read to write” approach as an option?

Take Your Time For Reading

Time is a crucial matter. But it never means you have to ignore your time for reading. Reading is a great source if you are looking for ideas and you should spare your time for it. Divide your time for reading and writing. Maybe you can take one day to read and another day just for writing. Practicable, right?

What You Should Read

What you should read? Obviously – read what you want to write. We are looking for time effective way, right. So this is it. You can choose to read online or offline however I prefer both. Both sources might have their blind spots as well.

Turning Reading into Writing

Now you got the idea. And it’s time to turn them into writing. How?

  • A matter related to the idea
  • A review of the idea
  • A comparison of sources which related to idea.

Voila. You got an article to be published.

Reading to writing seems simple but crucial. Time to start utilizing them and make profits!

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  • neo

    September 4, 2011, 12:59 pm

    nice share nasrul

    Turning Reading into Writing – I often do this – to make it great you need to be a good “modifier”

  • edward

    September 12, 2011, 11:08 pm

    well, it is a multitasking skill, i believe that what you read and writing it make you more understand what are you reading about.


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