Consider Your Mood While Blogging

I believe blogging is more than a hobby for some people nowadays and for the sake of performance, we have to keep blogging everyday or we will lose the chance to increase what we got. The question is – do you ever consider your mood while blogging?

Well, I’m not going to talk about psychology matters here although in fact moods are related to our mind and psychological condition. And I believe most of you agree that we human feel various moods everyday and sometimes our moods could change in a short period. Yes, I want to arise that question again – do you ever consider your mood while blogging?
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Better Than Nothing

I still remember the early days of my involvement in blogging and sometimes I smile when remembering about it. It is because the things happened at the fast directly or indirectly affect our today’s life. And that is what we call history.

I started blogging as a trend followers when I was in secondary school where I saw my schoolmates building their own blogs so I created one for myself as I didn’t want to be left behind. Then I realized that blogging is a nice thing to express something and then your expression can be commented by other people or readers.
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Creating Your Own Product

Creating own product might sound like an impossible thing for us in the previous years but thanks to the technology we are now capable of creating our own products although we never have any experience of creating product before. Creating own product is something that  you should put in your steps to success as it is one of the steps that help to get you a unique brand and sometimes help to boost for your income.
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High-Impact vs Low-Impact Posts

I got inspired by an interesting post written by Leo Babauta at DailyBlogTips on how to deliver the highest impact with each post. He mentioned about the differences between high-impact and low-impact posts which I think an important thing that you need to know and consider if you are in your way to improve your blog performance and quality.

As a blogger, we write and publish various posts and articles per day or per week but sometimes we publish a lot of low-impact posts instead of high-impact one and as the result we don’t get the traffic and performance that we want for our blog.
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Looking For Ideas? Read Your Archives!

Some fellow bloggers asked me on how to deal with the problem of getting ideas. Well, this problem of getting ideas or sometimes called bloggers block is the normal thing that we will face when creating a post. Believe it or not, a blogger is a writer where we need ideas in creating new and unique posts for our sites.

I had published an article on creating ideas for your blog last year where I shared the methods that I use in creating ideas. However, the methods sometimes not working and I have to find another way to solve the problem.

One day I faced the same problem and instead of creating posts, I surfed through my own site and went through the older posts. Then I found a lot of posts that can be elaborated to create new posts. That’s it! A simple but effective solution came into my mind – read your archives!
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