Ping Your Blog!

One of my biggest mistake in my early days of blogging is ignoring the importance of pinging my blog. Yes, it is a normal thing to do mistake at our first try, but somehow I regret for ignoring this important thing although I started blogging as a hobby.

Ping is a method and update tool used to let search engines and other people know that the contents of a web blog has been updated. Sending pings will attracts search engines like Google and Yahoo! to track the new content of your blog. When you send a ping, it notifies all popular search engine crawlers and other update services. Some blog authoring tools automatically ping one or more servers each time the blogger creates a new post or updates an old content.
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Modifying Comments on Our Blog?

I received an interesting question from my fellow blogger a few days ago – do we have the right to modify comments on our blog? This question is somewhat weird however I think it is a unique matter because I never think or come across to it.

Yes, we receive numerous comments on our blog with different expressions, opinions and styles and sometimes spam. But do we have the right to modify them? For example, some people might leaving short comments such as “Nice!” or “I agree” or doing mistake in typing or use of words. These comments might not a big matter for some webmasters/bloggers, but some of us might consider much about it. Again, the question is – do we have the right to modify comments on our blog?
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