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My first impression while downloading my free copy of Six Figure Affiliate Blogging by Zac Johnson is – it is somewhat same with the free report or free guide that I always download. Some free report or guide are no more than lures to bring visitors into their email lists and sometimes I got skeptical thinking about this.

However I feel shocked and amazed when I open the PDF file of Six Figure Affiliate Blogging and I asked myself – this is for FREE?? Because I feel the E-Book should be sold at a price, 25USD at least. A guide with premium content for free? Wow, this is amazing! And that’s why you should grab this copy without thinking twice.
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Focusing On Your Target Audience

You want your blog or website to be visited everyday. You want your content to be read by the visitors. And you want to sell your products to them or increasing clicks from their visit. Those are the common relations of what we are doing right now – in making profit with our blogs or increasing its popularity and visibility over the Internet.

The question that you should think is – who want to visit my blog and read my articles?

And some of the answers are:

  • The people who love to read the topic
  • The people who are searching for guides
  • The people who are looking for particular content
  • The people who are looking for related products
  • The people who are just passing by
  • Your subscribers

You will realize that most visitors looking for what they really want to search and the rest of them visit your content without finding what they are looking for. Some of them might turn into your subscribers – if something in your website attracting them.

We ignore the randomness for now. Now let’s see some points of focusing on your target audience.
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Selling Products With Your Article

There are lot of ways to sell your products over the Internet and one of them is by using your article which had been called as article marketing.

Article marketing has become a popular method of marketing nowadays considering the interests of the readers who love to read interesting articles written by bloggers/writers. Article marketing in fact is a very effective way to generate traffic to your blog/website in fact content is an important element for a website or blog.

You might found a lot of tips on how selling products with your article including inserting relevant keywords and etc., so I just sharing some tips of doing this based on my experience and what I’d learned.
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Write To Inspire

Take a sec and try to review your articles that had been published for your blog. Are they inspirational posts and give benefits to the readers? Or are they just personal ramblings?

Some bloggers or webmasters might keep asking themselves – why I cannot get high traffic? or why the number of my subscribers is so low?

Most of us might have this question in mind – how to improve my blog performance?

My answer is – write to inspire.
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