Blogging is More Than Blog Posts

I got inspired by a guest post written by David Risley at ProBlogger entitled “Poor Bloggers Focus Too Much On Blog Posts“. This article somehow makes me realized of what I had done so far in blogging and what I should aim for myself in blogging.

I then concluded that blogging is more than blog posts – where it could be more than that.

Some questions that should come in our mind are – what is our vision in blogging? or what we want to achieve for our blogs? why do we blog – to promote? to sell? to spread the word? or to express feeling, opinions and emotions?

Today the system changed a lot. We now can buy and sell just through a few clicks over the Internet – and blog is one the best platform to do that. In his article, David Risley asked “What is your product, really?” and this question should be the one to help us determine what is the outcome of our blogs or in the other word, what can we offer to our readers. Is it physical or digital? guide? article? ebook? shirt? or a set of inspiring videos that could help your readers to make money online? I started to questioning myself when I read the question and now I have to plan of creating the products for myself under unique brand of my blogs.

The guest post brought me to the author’s blog – David Risley dot com and you can read in his bio he stated that “Blogging is my business and how I support my family.” Here’s come one more thing to consider – what is blogging to you?

Yeah. After digesting the article through my own perspective, I guess I realized I have to do more if I want to get more. I always thought that more blog posts always means more income but now I realized that I believe the wrong thing.

I got my copy of Six Figure Blogger Blueprint and in my way to digest and implement the advices. There are also other ebooks written by David Risley that you can download for free after getting the copy of Six Figure Blogger Blueprint. Get it now at his blog.

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

2 thoughts to “Blogging is More Than Blog Posts”

  1. Yes, blogging can be used for just about anything really. But there’s one common thread in it, and that is that it involves a lot of writing and expressing ideas.

    That’s why I think that as well as seeing a blog as a thing in and of itself, it’s also the prelude to something else: namely a book.

    No matter what he blogs about, every blogger is sure to end up with the makings of an interesting book (or two or three) after a while. That’s something worth remembering.

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