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Maybe you’re familiar with the word ‘poll’ or ‘vote’. You might find some vote section on the sidebar of some blogs or sites.

Poll is one of the elements that able to optimize and getting traffic for your blog. It’s like you ask for your readers’ opinions about something through their votes. Let’s see how to apply it and make a great effect for your blog!

Getting Niche for Your Poll

The most important thing to do is get a niche for your poll. Make sure it’s related to your blog niche or your readers might get confuse with what you’re trying to ask them. For example, if you’re maintaining an entertainment blog, create a poll entitled “Which movies that you love most?” and then list the movies to be choosed by your readers.

Create A Special Post

Don’t just put the poll on the sidebar. Your readers might never noticed it. Create a special post for your poll. Put your poll first and then some description about your poll and tell how curious you are in knowing the result from the poll. Then put the poll on the sidebar with the link to the post. Don’t forget to create a special post too for the result. Announce the result then elaborate with some discussions. Your readers will love it!

Moderate the Duration

Make sure you set suitable duration for your poll. You might create a poll with short length such as 3-5 days or long duration such as 5-6 months. You can also create a never ending poll but don’t forget to update about the results in a specific time.

Promote your Poll

Don’t forget to promote your poll through Twitter and forums to increase the amount of voters for your poll. The more voters the better. More voters means more people will come again to see the result of the poll.

Creating poll is easy but you have to consider some points to make sure it’s completely works for your blog. There are poll provided for Blogspot users so you can directly choose from ‘Add Elements’ and if you’re a WordPress or other platform user. I recommend using MicroPoll or PollDaddy because they’re free and easy to use!

Have opinions or suggestions? Don’t forget to put your comment below!

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24 thoughts to “Creating Poll for Your Blog”

  1. I have used poll daddy in the past and promoted it on all the usual places its just I am not sure how you capitalise on it and make cash online – I want to use the poll to find useful answer but because I don’t really get the level of response it doesn’t clear indicate one way or the other – any suggestions?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience of a poll, I am looking for a good way to create a poll for my blog, well, now I find it in your blog. Your blog is really nice :).

  3. I believe that the power of the net now is in the hands of the citizens and using polls is one way they can demonstrate this. Voting and polling is very popular now.

    I haven’t tried these two polls, but I would like to.

  4. I use WP-Polls plugin for creating polls. It’s fast and easy to use.

    I have used PollDaddy in past but sometimes, it may take time to load which can be an issue on slower connections!

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