Don’t Be A Silent Reader

Reading other blogs is a nice method to enhance your knowledge on various things and matters. There are thousands of new and interesting articles being posted everyday and sincerely I learned a lot of things through reading blogs. The knowledge and information about making money, history, current events and a lot of things are now determined by the tip of our fingers. Thanks to updated websites and blogs that provide us with various and beneficial information.

However, it is enough to be a silent reader. You can do a lot things with the articles or posts that you found on the Internet. Here is some of my suggestions of how not to be a silent reader.

Leaving Your Comment
I suggest this step to be an essential step before you proceed to any step below. Leaving comment is the most visible way to show that you are not a silent reader. I had mentioned about the 5 ways to be a great blog commenter so you might love to check it out.

Spreading The Message
Yes, the easiest and fastest way is by spreading the message! You can use Twitter or any social bookmarking site to spread the message telling the other people about the article that you read. Some blogs already installed TweetMeme or bookmarking plugin so it is easier for you to tweet the message to your followers.

Linking To The Articles
Linking is a great way to refer and telling the others about the articles that you had read through. You can link to the other articles or posts while mentioning any term or content related to the particular post. I suggest the best way to do this is by publishing the links in one post per month or per week for example the Sunday Killer Post by Lee from MyBlog2Day. This is a great way to tell the others about the articles that you think best so your readers will get the benefit from the links that you had posted.

Discuss The Articles
I believe this is the hardest way as discussing other articles might resulting in misinterpretation where you might say something different than the article. But this is the best way to appreciate the article as further discussion of the issue mentioned in the article might bring more interesting result for your site and the original writer of the article. Keep in mind – no plagiarism!

You might not feel anything to be silent reader but actually it is a loss not to response or react to the article that you read because there is potential in the article or ideas that had been shared by the writer. I believe some of us had realized about this so I would like to know what do you think. Happy blogging and blogwalking!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

24 thoughts to “Don’t Be A Silent Reader”

  1. Blog commenting are good as long as they really do comment on the article.. many other readers just leave their comments even though what they are saying are very irrelevant to the topic.

    1. and these kind of comments are the annoying one πŸ™
      we have spent our time to write down the post, provide pictures, edit the font , etc.
      but the irrelevant comments seem to have no respect to it.
      they just want to leave comment like : “Hello, nice posting. Will be waiting for you to visit my blog!”, to invite us to visit their blog.

      1. I agree with you and believe it or not – most irrelevant comments come from software. Means that the so-called “commenters” never read or visit your article at all!

        Mark them as “Spam”. That is the most deserved response for them.

    2. I agree. And I received a lot of irrelevant comments for this site as well. Th best thing to do is – mark them as “Spam” and Akismet will never allow those types of comments to be in your in comment section anymore!

  2. I believe that if you are reading a article (blog post) and not leaving any comments, its waste of your time. I am not saying to comment every time but you should do it once or twice.

    1. You are right, Deepak. What’s wrong by leaving a comment related to the article? Besides showing your presence to the author and other commenters, you might learn something as well.

  3. I disagree with Deepak. I love reading blog posts without actually commenting and thats why I get the flak of not really following my readers w/c is obviously not true.

    But if you’re trying to build a blog from scratch then commenting as much as you can is really essential

    1. You are right within some perspective, Melvin. And in fact we don’t leave our comments for all posts that we read, right? Sometimes we might it is not worth to leave our comments at several kinds of article especially for the crappy one.

      And yes – commenting is a good way to build your own blog and show your existence to the online world!

  4. Another thing that is great about this advice is that when we are proactive readers we are more likely to retain the information we have learned. A lot of what I write in my own blog is inspired by various links, opinions, and scientific studies that I come across. And when I write about them, I am ingraining these ideas in my mind, and then able to better apply this information throughout my life.

    1. Your point is interesting, Steven! Reading and commenting don’t mean we just “read and then leave comment” but digesting the information and useful points from the article! And these information will be useful when you are creating content for your site a.k.a writing new post – and it will be useful throughout our life!

  5. As a blogger, I know I appreciate it when readers leave comments. However, a lot of that is the responsibility of the blogger–if your post isn’t interesting enough, no one is going to want to comment or share it with others.

  6. I have found, by way of starting my own blog, how lonely and disheartening it can be to have silent readers. I have tried several methods to engage the reader but still silence. Don’t worry, I will keep on plugging away!

    1. Yeah – running a new blog is quite challenging as you have to find your way into meeting your target audience. Put your effort on it. Read some relevant tips especially how you can create engaging content and see the positive results coming!

  7. Nice post, I don’t like to be a silent reader, but you should find some nice communications ways, maybe some WordPress plugins to add more activities to your blog by awarding commentators πŸ™‚

    I have collected a list of the best 7 plugins that everyone should run on their blogs, I hope to see you using a few of them.

    1. Me too – and I agree with your point. In fact I see the way your handle the comment section at Famous Bloggers encourages the readers and visitors to leave their comment and show their appreciation for the article.

      Awarding commentators sounds fun but we might need some kind of capital for that. Thanks for sharing, Hesham! πŸ˜€

  8. halo, salam kenal Mr. Nasrul, you are Indonesian, right? So I hope it’s okay to write comment in campur-campur language, here, hehehe…. πŸ™‚
    kunjungan perdana nih kemari. hasil dari nyari image yg pas buat postinganku hari ini yg berjudul :SILENT READER, eh malah akhirnya nyasar ke blog-blog lain yg membahas hal serupa.

    aku sendiri, well I have to admit, enjoy being a silent reader di beberapa blog yg rutin aku sambangin, bahkan ada beberapa yg aku cek 3x sehari: “udah posting blm ya?”. hahah kesannya freak abis!
    sometimes I just dont know what to say, eventho I like the posts so much.
    lain waktu, kalo kebetulan ada komentar yg bener2 ingin disampaikan, pasti ya akan meninggalkan jejak juga sih, di postingan2 tertentu πŸ™‚

    kayaknya sih, gak pernah deh jadi silent reader yg bolak-balik baca blognya tapi bener-bener gak pernah ninggalin komen sama sekali.

    tentang silent reader di blog-ku:
    pernah loh, akhirnya ada Silent Reader di blog-ku yg meninggalkan jejak. dia bilang, udah jadi SR sejak awal blogku berdiri, yaitu tahun 2005! hehehe… ninggalin jejaknya baru2 ini aja, thn 2011.

    atau ada temanku yg cerita, (di tahun 2006) kalo temen sekantornya mempromosikan blog-ku ke orang2 kantor. aduuuuh, padahal jaman-jaman itu bahasaku masih semi-semi alay gitu *LOL*

    jadi terharu sekaligus malu πŸ˜€

    1. salam kenal ndutyke,

      saya dari Malaysia πŸ˜€

      yeah.. the same thing goes for my blogs too.. sometimes it’s quite weird when I tried to compare the visit statistics with the comments that I’ve got for an article until I realized that there must be something that we must apply in order to “encourage” the readers to comment on our posts.

      Now we must find that one and start applying it. Once we got comments – do the best effort to optimize them! πŸ˜€

  9. hi..nasrul. thanks for the useful tips about tackling the silent reader issue. apparently im not the only one with silent reader problem on my blog. im consider myself as a new blogger and havnt been long enough to be in this blogger world. my visitors are mostly arrived from my facebook friends as i always post the link of my new posting on my facebook wall. but then they always comment in facebook instead of under the article itself. some feedback that i managed to gather from them, they never left comment on my blog because its easier to leave comment on facebook’s wall rather than in the blog, although i have changed the setting for the visitors to be able to stay annonymous without using the log-in requirements. still doesnt work well. i dont know what else i can do. ive tried blogwalking (which im still struggling to do coz of my limited sparetime), this looks promising as some bloggers started to visit mine and left comments but i dont want something that only work like pairing system either, you know when they visit our blog only if we visit theirs and leave comments. deadend again. any advices would be appreciated πŸ™‚

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