Don’t Hesitate to Write


Writing is a bread and butter is blogging. Although there are various types of blogging including video blog and photo blog, I still concern writing as the vital essence of blogging. And that’s why a blogger must not hesitate to write, write and write.

Yes, don’t hesitate to write. But how?

Practice Makes Perfect

The most important way is to write again and again. When we write and publish your post, we will learn that there is something that we can improve in our writing. Sometimes the commenter tells us about our mistakes and this is a learning process for us. Keep writing and improving all the time.

Today we can find blogs from all over the world with various languages and this language somehow becomes a problem for some bloggers to extend their networks. What I mean here is the use of English language as the medium of blogging. The most problem is lack of grammar and use of term/words. English is not my mother tongue so to get confident to write in English, I keep writing and writing. One of my method to ensure the correct word is by use search engine such as Google. How?

For example I want to write: “make cooking easier” but I don’t sure whether the phrase is correct or not so I type “make cooking easier” and click Search. The result shows that the phrase “make cooking easier” is widely being used in the other sites so it makes me sure that I use the right phrase and term.

Read Articles & Resources

Reading a lot of articles & resources also help us a lot and gives us confident to write. We can take the article as example on how to write a post. Besides, it gives us new ideas for our posts. Nice, right?

I love to read tutorials on grammars written by Patricia Vennes from Blogging Tips. She writes several posts on grammar and the use of terms such as verb and conjunctions. Believe me, reading a lot of articles and resources from other sites really help me a lot!

Getting Related Products

If you feel that you still don’t get confident enough, you can use related software & products to improve your articles and writings. There are a lot of software that helps you to generate high quality articles and you can learn slowly on how to create high quality articles through the software. This is like 2 in 1 where you post quality articles to your sites as well as learning on how to create one.

I suggest these two products for you:

  • Instant Article Wizard that able to create high quality articles on virtually any subject in a few minutes.
  • The Amazing Article Formula that contains guide and techniques for you on how to write articles that can pull the traffic and get the clicks.


As I had been repeating through this post, keep writing again and again so we can learn. Learning process is important in writing so we can enhance and improve our writing skills. Happy blogging! =)

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Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

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