Getting Traffic from Youtube Videos

“Why Youtube? Because it is the 4th most visited website all over the Internet and you can setup your account and get access to them for free. Let’s see some tips on getting traffic from Youtube videos.

I’m currently doing some experiments on getting traffic and one of amazing techniques that you should not ignore is – getting traffic from Youtube videos.

Why Youtube? Because it is the 4th most visited website all over the Internet and you can setup your account and get access to them for free. Let’s see some tips on getting traffic from Youtube videos.

Just imagine yourself as a visitor who is looking for some information that you want on the Internet so you can understand what I’m trying to highlight here.

Make Your Link Visible

This is obvious, right? Put your link in the description box and your video and make sure it is visible to the visitors. I suggest putting the real (long) URL unless it is a not-so-good-looking affiliate link so the visitors will think that you are sincere in giving them information through your videos.

Be Authentic

I see this element as the most important one because Youtube has a strict policy in uploading non-original videos. I tried several times re-uploading videos in Youtube and did some modifications (crop, cut & paste) to make differences but the result is – my video is not being displayed to anyone. So use your original video for example your own video or using pictures that you can find on the Internet and inserting them into your video.

Be Useful

People are looking for videos which are useful and provide information for them. If your videos are not useful and not giving any information that they want, they will not stay longer on your video page. So make sure you understand what you want to provide in your video and how can you present your message to the visitors.

Ba Unique & Attractive

Being attractive is a bonus for a video. A dull video is less preferable by visitors except it has other factors such as high-value contents. Put some colors, design, effects and related pictures. You can do this easily with Windows Movie Maker or other video editing software and in fact, you can do this in less than an hour!

Use The Right Keyword

You might have experience of searching something through Youtube but you found something else. Annoying, right? So NEVER DO THIS because you are just misusing the amazing features of Youtube. Know your niche and target audience and understand what are the main points in your video and use them as keywords and tags.

KISS (Keep it Short & Simple)

Be simple. You might take a lot of time to elaborate something through a video unless you are doing some sort of tutorial through the video. If you have any longer description, you can put it in the description box or put the link to the related page.

Wrap Up

I found that getting traffic from Youtube is interesting however I’m still learning on doing this so when I got the results I’ll make I share them with you!

If you have any comments or extra ideas on this, feel free to leave them via the comment form below!

Nasrul Hanis

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10 thoughts to “Getting Traffic from Youtube Videos”

  1. Getting traffic from youtube has huge potential, but I’ve found that it often takes other methods to get the video on youtube some traffic.
    Like all things it needs a kick start, but once it gets going and the popularity of the video increases, sure you will get heaps of traffic 😀

    1. Yes Peter, just uploading video is not enough. I see videos on Youtube as a great medium to bring visitors to our sites and offers. And yes, once it gets the popularity, it will keep increasing and gives you tons of traffic!

      * I experienced this for an anime video that I uploaded but now it’s quite hard to get something like that reuploaded and displayed on Youtube.

  2. Promote, promote, promote. Use that share button in your youtube. Search alone does not do it. If it takes sharing a video once a day for a week or two, it helps get that traffic.

    That is how a lot of the paid to tweet and paid to blog programs out there work. 🙂

  3. Yes, it’s very important that the video is useful to viewers. That’s something a lot of people forget, particularly when they are in business. They are stuck in a “selling” mindset and think that you have to have a slickly produced promotional video up there. But that kind of content just doesn’t get shared. People don’t go on YouTube to see ads, after all.

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