Getting Traffic: Write What Readers Want To Read

Getting traffic is crucial as it determines various aspects for your blogs’ performance especially when we talk about earnings. There are a lot of methods to get traffic however the most effective one is getting traffic through your content and articles.

A friend asked me why he got such a low traffic although he posted a lot of articles per week and I asked him back – “What do you write?” Some bloggers might think that posting articles frequently will result in increasing traffic as well as earning from affiliates and advertisement. Yes, it’s true but there is something more important that you have to keep in mind. You might post articles frequently but you also have to ask yourselves while writing – do the readers want to read what I write? This is an important thing to know and analyze where a lot of articles doesn’t mean that the readers want to read them. So you have to write what readers want to read.

I realized about this idea of writing what the readers want to read while learning to get traffic through Google Pump Traffic System. I also realized that we might facing the competition as the other blogger might write on the same topic as we’re writing. So the best way is to see what people want to know and read and then answering directly to them through writing articles in our blog.

Well, here is a few of simple steps for you.

  1. Search for the things, problems or questions over the Internet. You can use search engine or Google Alerts for this. The best way is searching questions through Yahoo! Answer where people ask a thousands of questions everyday. Find the question that suits your niche. People might asking the question such as “How to increase traffic to my site?
  2. After reading the question, make a research through the search engine or using books or any references if you would like to do so. Then create an article that answering the question. Make sure you consider about the quality of the post so the people who asks the question will be satisfied or at least getting a part of the answer that he/she is looking for.
  3. After publishing the article, go back to the place where the question had been placed. Answer the question with a part of your article that contains a part of the answer. I recommend you not to copy paste your article but answer the question as if you are making your article as a ‘reference’ to the answer.
  4. Put the source to your answer that is the URL of the article that you’d posted just now. For Yahoo! Answer, put the URL in the ‘Source’ box. That’s it.

As there is a potential that there are other people finding the similar answers on the Internet, don’t forget to ping your article and submit it to social bookmarking sites so it’s easier for the readers to find what they are looking for.

You might asking – why are they asking that question although they can find in on the Internet? The answer is – it’s faster and easier to ask than searching? So we give them the answer and at the same time attracting them to our site.

I had tested this method and I found that the clicks are increasing a little bit. I believe this method works. At the same time, we can create quality content that is helpful and beneficial to the others. And that’s how blogging works!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

6 thoughts to “Getting Traffic: Write What Readers Want To Read”

  1. I completely agree. You have to give your readers what they want, otherwise they have no reason to stay. A good way to think about is to think if you would read your own articles if you weren’t the one writing them, if that makes sense 😉

  2. Google Trends is another good tool to use when researching certain topics.

    I seem to neglect Yahoo Answers too much, I have seen it mentioned on several articles I have read as a good source for ideas.

  3. That’s true. Many personal blogs are extremely boring, since the blogs offer nothing for the readers. It will be better to organize the tips and tricks for the benefits of the readers.

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