How Do I Know If My WordPress Site is Vulnerable?

In this technological world, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. While WP is totally stable and safe, yet there is no system which has no errors. Hackers have discovered many methods to hack the blogs through coding errors. In this post, we are going to tell you a few things that hackers check whether you are vulnerable or not.

Weak Password and Username

This pertains to any system or website. If you have entered a weak password and username, it will make it simple for the hacker in order to break into your site. If you have used your username is easy, then change it quickly. Your password as well as username must be a bit unique, so that the hacker cannot guess. It is best to use a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters. You must change your password and username frequently. This way, you can prevent your site from hackers in order to guess your login details.

Outdated Software

In case you are using WordPress’s old version, then a hacker may simply inject a virus in your PC. Many WP updates don’t add new modules as well as features. They clean security issues and errors so that hackers will not able to keep avoid these issues.

If you have old WordPress’s plugins, it can also make your site vulnerable. It’s essential to keep all things on your PC updated.

If you aren’t utilizing the WordPress’s plugin, or In case a WordPress’s plugin has not been upgraded for a long period of time and its disabled, then you must make sure to delete it from your PC in order to prevent from hackers.

Log Record

If you have WP blogs which is without a log record, then it might vulnerable. There are several WP plugins that may make a log record so that you may check who want to check your site. If you have a famous WP blog, then you can see lots of folks logging into your site on a regular basis.

If anybody has entered the wrong password and username hundreds or dozens of times, then a hacker might analyze it. You may prevent from this by using a plugin that limits the no. of times that somebody may fail the login process, or you may stop the activity if the issue becomes necessary.

Setting Permissions

WP enables users to set permissions. It means that you may find what folk may do with your documents.

Unlimited Forms

Many WP blogs have forms so that folks may make accounts and post comments or feedback. The issue is that the hackers may utilize these forms in order to inject malicious coding in your blog. It’s good to limit the forms in order to block these attacks.


WP is one of the best systems, but you need to do some work in order to make sure that it’s actually secure. If you want to do these changes, then it will be tough to maliciously access your site.

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