Selling Products With Your Article

There are lot of ways to sell your products over the Internet and one of them is by using your article which had been called as article marketing.

Article marketing has become a popular method of marketing nowadays considering the interests of the readers who love to read interesting articles written by bloggers/writers. Article marketing in fact is a very effective way to generate traffic to your blog/website in fact content is an important element for a website or blog.

You might found a lot of tips on how selling products with your article including inserting relevant keywords and etc., so I just sharing some tips of doing this based on my experience and what I’d learned.

1. Tell Your Story
The first thing that you should consider while selling your products with your article is telling your story. Your own story. Sometimes it might be not yours, but make it your story. Most readers prefer to read stories rather than taking their time reading promotional article with lot of ‘buy it now‘ or ‘don’t wait anymore. buy now!‘ messages.

I once promoted a guide on how to fix your PC by yourself so I told my own story of how I was able to repair my laptop by myself after following the guide and it works. Some readers even got interest in my experience using the product and that is great.

2. Build Curiosity
In marketing, curiosity is important as it builds your prospects’ interest to buy or sign up for the products that you sell. Use curiosity quotation so the readers will feel eager to know the product that you are mentioned in your article and then taking the next step by buying the product that you sell. Bingo.

One of the elements of building curiosity is eye catching title so you might want to read more about 5 Effective Ways To Create An Eye Catching Title by my friend Lee from MyBlog2Day.

3. Hide Your Real Link
I know this sound not practical for some people but I experienced this. You might promoting your affiliate link and you put your real & long affiliate link such as This might turn off you prospects’ interest. Yes, it’s true that some prospects never consider about the link that they click buy in marketing you need to maximize your sales so you need to avoid prospects’ from ignoring your link.

I prefer using redirect page however some friends gave me advice it gives some bad effects but I still prefer it (based on unique pages that I can create) so you might want to use URL shortener such as instead of creating redirect pages.

4. Design Your Structure
I’m not telling you to do a formal writing. No. Never. But you have to design your article’s structure. You have to plan where you want to put your link, how your intro will be, and how you want to attract readers to read from paragraph to paragraph and then buying your products.

I love this structure when writing article for selling products:

  • Intro (Telling my experience/story)
  • My opinions/conclusion about my story
  • My suggestions/solutions/recommendations (I put the link to products here)

5. Don’t Push
Remember this. Never push your readers/prospects to buy your products. Don’t tell them to buy your products buy show it as a recommendation or suggestion for the particular condition that you mentioned before. Most people don’t like to be pushed or forced to buy something so doing this might giving you more loss than profits.

For me, selling products with article is interesting as I feel free to develop my idea and practice my writing skill besides suggesting products that I want to sell to the readers/visitors/prospects. Hopefully the tips that I shared above could give you benefit – a little at least =)

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

8 thoughts to “Selling Products With Your Article”

  1. Your tips and advice on article marketing are on the money. Article marketing has become one the best ways to promote products and services. When it’s done right, you not only make some sales but you also drive traffic. I feel it’s better to build relationships and trust first before making the sales pitch.

    Thanks for the informative post.

    1. I agree with your point, Robert. It is quite hard to gain trust by reading for someone you don’t know before. Build relationship and trust with your readers and prospects first – then it’s time to give them brilliant suggestions!

  2. I think the most tricky part is hiding the link. Despite of using or tinyurl, people like me tend not to buy from those links. Sometimes, I rather not click the link.

    We need to think of other methods of putting the link apart of so that people who knows, won’t know that the link has affiliate attribute.

    1. That is brilliant. Yeah, people will tend to ignore links which are totally look like “affiliate links”! Long and unattractive!

      It’s interesting to explore the ways on how to suggest the links naturally and bring the readers to get our offers!

  3. I really believe that the story is important more than plain promotion. For a buyer like me, it is important for me to read something like a testimonial that will help me relate of what the product can do to me. 🙂

    1. Plain promotion is the traditional way of selling thing from my perspective and it’s kind of dull and boring way to offer something. People love to read interesting experiences and testimonials and that converts the visitors into prospects!

  4. article is the most important to all, because article can describe, communicate this is only the effective way on communicating to each other.

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