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It’s a fact that you can find a lot of interesting and reliable sources all over the Internet. This source might be articles from newspaper, videos or contents from other sites.

Using real sources will make your post reliable, however it’s a big mistake to let the source alone in your post. Lets see how to use sources that you got in your post.

Put the Source – Full or Just A Part
The most important thing is to put the source in your post. You can choose whether to put the source in its full version or just a part of it. Don’t forget to put it in quote so the readers could understand that the quoted para is a source that you use in your post.

Example :

Report: Plouffe to helm Patrick re-election bid in Massachusetts
Posted: 07:39 PM ET
Patrick’s campaign will again be led by David Plouffe.

(CNN) — David Plouffe, who steered President Obama’s 2008 White House bid, will serve as campaign manager for the re-election bid of presidential pal Deval Patrick, the Boston Globe reported Friday.

Plouffe and senior presidential advisor David Axelrod helped lead Patrick’s first Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign to victory in 2006, using themes that proved remarkably similar to those used in Obama’s presidential effort.

Patrick — whose poll numbers have taken a hit in the face of the state’s budget problems — does not currently face any major challenger from either party.

Elaborate the Source
One of the common mistake that most bloggers do is let the source alone in their posts without any explanation. You have to elaborate the source even in a single para. Don’t let the readers asking themselves why you placed the source in your post. The best thing is to elaborate the source through your personal opinion and use simple words so the readers can enjoy your thoughts instead of reading complicated elaboration.

As example I did a simple elaboration from the source above :

Wow. So this is the man behind the campaign! I always believe that smart people work behind the stage. Maybe they’ll using the theme that had been proven successful, so they can achieve again. Besides, there’s currently no major challenger from other party.

You can add a simple question for your readers to encourage them to leave their comments such as :

So guys, what do you think? Could the same people with the same theme get the same victory?

Put Credits for the Sources
Don’t forget to put credits with the links for the sources that you’d used in your post. It’s a kind of appreciation because you’d use the idea from the sources to create your post. You can put credits after each sources but I prefer to put all the credits at the end of the post so it’ll look neat and clean.

For example:
Source used in this post – Newspaper article entitled Report: Plouffe to helm Patrick re-election bid in Massachusetts from CNN Political Ticker

You can use the same method with other sources such as videos, images or content from other sites. This method can help you avoid duplicate content and if you use it wisely, it’ll help getting traffic to your site!

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  1. I try to mention the source by name and with a link as well. I might even have a trackback to their post where the source was gathered from.

    Otherwise, some nice tips for any blogger 🙂

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