5 Ways to Be A Great Blog Commenter


Leaving your comments at other blogs is a great and interesting way to make your blog visible to the others thus getting traffic to your blog or site. However, there are a huge number of comments submitted on different blogs per day, how to be a great blog commenter among the others?

There are a lot of tips about leaving comments, but I’d compiled it into 5 main ways. Check it out.

1. Be Relevant
The most important is your comment must be relevant to the site. Don’t post about something different to what had been discussed in the post. It’s better if you can make your comment more specific thus more related to the post. Some commenter tend to comment about irrelevant thing such as “Hey pal, long time no see!” or “Yay! I’m the first commenter!”. Avoid this type of comment because some authors will delete the comment because it has no value at all.

Also don’t put too lengthy comment so you can avoid irrelevant points in your comment.

2. Be Sincere
Yes, leaving comments at other blogs is a great way to get traffic to your site but getting traffic is not the main objective why there is comment section existed in blogs. Notice two different example of comments below:

Comment 1

Nice post!

Comment 2

I got your points. The best way to get a good traffic to write a good content. Btw, I think that social bookmarking works better than forums. Social bookmarking let us be more specific about our blogs. Nice post. Thanks for sharing!

A blog post is not a thing to be praised at all, it’s something to be discussed. The more responses it get, the better it is. You can disagree and criticize the content, but don’t go to much as you might hurt the author’s feeling and the other commenter. One more thing, leave your name and the link to your blog if you have a blog or site. Don’t put a fake a name or ‘Anonymous’ just because you disagree with the post.

3. Inspire Others
To be a great blog commenter, you have to leave great comments. An ‘average’ comment usually hard to be noticed by the others, so learn to how to create a great one.You can learn by reading other comments especially the comments at popular blogs, where you can read a lot of comments per day.

Add additional info, solution or suggestion related to the content if you have one. You can leave the link to the related blog post but don’t put too much links or you comment will be recognized as spam.

A good practice is to leave your comment at any blogs especially regular blogs. Try to leave an inspiring comment. In fact, most usual bloggers will appreciate your comment especially if you’re the only people that leave your comment at their blogs. I had tried this method and got some loyal readers for one of my blogs.

4. Be Interactive
Comment section is where you have the chance to discuss about the content with the others, so why not we make it a bit interactive?

Interact with other commenter by write a response to their comments. Some blogs provide threaded comment where you can reply to other comments directly and they will be notified about it, so don’t waste the chance.

If you have any question related to the content, put your question after your comment. Your question might be answered by the author or other commenter. Don’t ask silly question or your question have a great potential to be ignored.

5. Be A Subscriber
Subscribe to the blogs that you find them interesting to be notified about their latest updates and posts. You can use software such as FeedDemon or just subscribe to the feed by email. Being a subscriber means you have the chance to be one of the early commenter thus make your comment more visible in the comment section. Leave your comment for every posts except for the post that you think it might unnecessarily to be commented and you will see the results later.

This is the ways that I concluded from the commenting tips that I read and applied. You have to practice it regularly because you can’t see the results in 1-2 days. I don’t want to assume myself as a great commenter but I think it’s a great idea if I could share it with the others.

Commenting is a good thing because the commenter have the chance to discuss and criticize thus encourages the author to improve and write better contents. I hope the tips will benefit you. Good luck!

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Nasrul Hanis

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12 thoughts to “5 Ways to Be A Great Blog Commenter”

  1. I am more likely to comment on blog that use commentluv because it shows your last blog post. Some blog also include a plugin that allow you to choose which of your recent posts you want to display on the blog you commented. It’s somehow a reward for commentators. I see no point in commenting on someone else blog just to promote your own blog. I noticed that on most popular blog there are a lot of useless comments just written for a promoting purpose, it comes without saying that I won’t click on them to check the blog of these commentators. Sometime blog features top commentators, so no matter if you give a worth comment, you will be featured and people will be more likely to click on your blog link to visit you.

  2. hi there,

    From your nickname, it looks like you are an active blogger. Anyway, thanks for your points. May i add some points too?

    On giving comments, firstly, it is hard to judge whether the person who give his or her comment is sincere or not because sometimes, what you comment depends on what the blogger writes. If the article is a bit boring, definitely I can’t comment further and I will leave a simple comment just to acknowledge that i have read their entry for the day. Good write up deserves good and longer comments. But then, it depends on individual to decide.

    Secondly, an entry may not to be discussed at all. A blog writer may have no intention to discuss with anyone his entry. So, sometimes, we can praise the blogger if what he writes deserve a praise. I don’t see anything wrong here.

    However, most of what you have said here are true. But then, as a blogger myself, I still believed that I am not obliged to read or comment on others blog. I can just drop by and leave or i can leave some comments to acknowledge my present.

    Nice blog you have here (a praise for you. Heheh)

  3. I agree with all your points– especially #2-#4. Writing 2 words for a comment makes it very clear that the commentator is only there for a little exposure and backlink. Responding to comments is a very good tactic, especially if your blog has the reply to comments function. (it’s a plugin for wp)
    Thanks for sharing!

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