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Creating ideas is not easy as we say it. Some bloggers stop their effort when it comes to creating ideas. Creating ideas is not just about writing a post. You need ideas to design or even monetize your blog.

Lets share some tips on how to create ideas for your blog.

Some people recognize creating ideas as a skill. Yes, it’s a skill but sometimes it could be a talent or gift. However, all of us have the ability to create our own unique ideas.

The easiest way to get ideas is by reading other blogs. Besides getting some new ideas, blogwalking sometimes could remind you of your past ideas, in case you forgot them. Avoid plagiarize others’ contents as it will bring a lot of problems to you. However, you can apply the copywriting technique for your posts. Learn more about it at copyblogger.

Sitting in front of your PC and force yourself to create ideas is not a good step. If you force your brain too much, you might end up blank. Take your time doing some light exercise or eat/drink something to refresh yourself. A cup of tea is good enough to relax your mind. Some bloggers suggest that watching TV also useful to refresh your mind and open the way for creating ideas.

Sometimes ideas appear at the unexpected time. You might get some interesting ideas in the bus, office or even gym. Always bring a mini notebook when you’re going out as a habit. Most human easily forgot great ideas in their life unless they record it. Quickly write the ideas in your notebook everytime you got the ideas. You might get more interesting ideas compared to the one that you got in your study room.

It’s a fact that sometimes ideas come spontaneously. Write it on a piece of paper, make the key points and the you’re ready to go. Appreciate your own ideas because sometimes your great idea is more valuable than you ever thought!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

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  1. Yeah you were right…for those who don’t have idea to write an original article…copywriting is one of the good solution…even I am trying to learn more about copywriting for my blog 🙂

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