Getting Backlinks to Your Blog


Backlinks are important for your blog. Beside play a role in determining Google PageRank and search engine optimization, you need backlinks to make your blog more visible and to the world.

There are some tips that you can do to increase backlinks to your blog.

Good & Beneficial Contents
One fact that we can’t deny is content always be the king. It’s like the soul of your blog and your blog is nothing without it. A good content will attract the readers and be a resource for the others. Guide, tips, breaking news or tutorial can be a resource to the others especially other bloggers so they will link to your content if they write article related to your content. A hard way but has a good potential to benefit you in a long term.

Leaving Comments at DoFollow Sites
You can increase backlinks to your blog by leaving comments at DoFollow sites. Make sure you leave related comments not just “Hello!” or “Nice post!” or your comment will not be accepted by some blogs. You can find the dofollow blogs through dofollow blogs directories such as or

Publish Your Own Theme
This is a suitable way if you love to design themes and playing with the scripts. You can publish your theme for WordPress, Blogspot and etc. The most important section is the credit section where the link to your blog will be there. Don’t forget to register your themes with CreativeCommons. More interesting themes that you produce means more bloggers will use the theme and thus you got more backlinks to your blog.

Exchange Links with Other Sites
The easiest way to get backlinks to your blog is by exchanging links with other sites. You can do this by joining online community or forums and approach other webmasters to exchange links with you. If you have good PageRank, maybe there are webmasters that will approach you and offer to exchange link. Make the deal wisely and don’t too demand or you site/blog will lose its credibility.

Got any opinion or want to share your ideas about getting backlinks? Feel free to leave your comment below.

Nasrul Hanis

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7 thoughts to “Getting Backlinks to Your Blog”

  1. Blinkky, I’m not very good at coding either, however, I’m self-learning wordpress basics coding. Design isn’t a problem for me as I own Graphic Design Degree. But programming is something I’m not used to, so I found several great book to read in order to improve my coding skills.

  2. Great tips on how to increase backlinks. I have few free themes in a hope of helping me with my backlinks and i can say that so far so good.

  3. I agree with BenjaminCip. Thee must be a way if you want to learn any skill. I personally love coding such as PHP and Javascript, so I search for related books through online and offline. And it works! =)

  4. As you mentioned above, content is always king and plays an important role with any site.

    My site is currently DoFollow and I have CommentLuv plugin installed so the last blog post by the commentator is also left on my post. I visit a lot of sites and then follow these links if the title catches my eye. This leads to more comments and a lot more traffic. I have even generated backlinks from some readers.

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