Why You Should Use WordPress-Amazon-Associate to Create Amazon Affiliate Links

If you plan to add Amazon affiliate links to your blog posts, then you definitely need to use the plugin WordPress-Amazon Associate (WAA for short).

WAA is a symbol of Convenience

Let’s say you published a product review on Nike running shoes, and wanted to refer your readers to Amazon for the purchase. You’d think that getting an affiliate link is an easy job. But it’s not the case with Amazon. It’s a time consuming process. To create an Amazon affiliate link you’d have to:

  1. Login to Amazon Associate Central.
  2. Click on Links & Banners Tab.
  3. Choose Product Links.
  4. Search for the product you want to link to on your post.
  5. Click on the Get Link button.
  6. Customize the product link.
  7. Copy the HTML code.
  8. Paste it to your WordPress post.

You need to follow eight steps to get a measly product link. This long process holds me back from adding Amazon product links on my blog. Then I discovered WAA.

With WAA, you can insert Amazon product links right from the post edit screen. Once you activate the plugin, a new button is added above the text box of the post page. If you click on the button, you’ll see option called Product Link. And right from your WordPress post, you’ll be able to search for Amazon products and link to them. You won’t have to login to Amazon Associate central for product links any more.

You Won’t Need to Fix Amazon Links in Old Posts

What if your old posts have Amazon product links without your associate tag? Would you have to go to each and every post to edit the links? Is it worth your time?

Such mind-numbing work is never worth your time. It’s the job of programs. And the developer of WAA knows that.

You can enable a feature in WAA where it’ll add your associate ID to every Amazon product link on your blog. And to enable this feature you just need to opt-in for it in the plugin settings page.

How easy is that! The convenience and simplicity of the plugin is exactly what makes it unique. You won’t find any Amazon plugin like it out there. Trust me!

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2 thoughts to “Why You Should Use WordPress-Amazon-Associate to Create Amazon Affiliate Links”

  1. This used to be true, but Amazon has an affiliates toolbar now so it’s not quite as tedious to get an affiliate link anymore. Still, I agree it’s a hassle just to incorporate an amazon affiliate link in a page.

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