Focusing On Your Target Audience

You want your blog or website to be visited everyday. You want your content to be read by the visitors. And you want to sell your products to them or increasing clicks from their visit. Those are the common relations of what we are doing right now – in making profit with our blogs or increasing its popularity and visibility over the Internet.

The question that you should think is – who want to visit my blog and read my articles?

And some of the answers are:

  • The people who love to read the topic
  • The people who are searching for guides
  • The people who are looking for particular content
  • The people who are looking for related products
  • The people who are just passing by
  • Your subscribers

You will realize that most visitors looking for what they really want to search and the rest of them visit your content without finding what they are looking for. Some of them might turn into your subscribers – if something in your website attracting them.

We ignore the randomness for now. Now let’s see some points of focusing on your target audience.
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