Market Strategies for Blog Monetization & Audience Expansion

So, you have a blog. However, you can’t seem to find a way on how you can make it grow in both traffic and profits. Maybe you aren’t doing things right or it could also be that you’re not tapping the right resources.

There are many strategies to employ when you want to blog for the bucks. Reaching more people is also very, very possible. However, understand that both tasks also require effort and commitment. Add such undying dedication to the following strategies and you’ll surely be laughing your way to the bank.

To make money

Get ads

Ad placements enable you to earn money without really making an effort. Sell space to your blog where companies could advertise. You can also make use of tools such as Google AdSense to get you started.

There is a promising benefit from blogging advertisements. However, you also need to build the credibility and traffic of your blog. Solutions for traffic can be seen at the latter part of this article.

Sell e-books

Are you a gifted writer or you know someone who has a penchant for words? Commission to sell an e-book that you wrote or your ghostwriter created. The trick here is to study popular niches. Look for what the targeted market wants. You can also sell eBooks from other people which lead us to the next strategy.

Be an affiliate

Look up affiliate programs and you’ll find tons of companies looking for affiliate bloggers. Say you review a product from this site, the affiliate program of the seller gives you a personalized link readers can click from your blog. Should they buy that product, you earn a commission from it. The rates would, of course, depend on your arrangements with the company.

To get more readers

Post regularly

The reason why people lose interest in particular blogs is that it doesn’t have regular posts. You see, online readers are always thirsty for something new. You have to quench that thirst.

Offer useful, enticing, and curiosity-inducing posts

It doesn’t have to be controversial. You just have to spark the curiosity of readers to click on the link promoting your blog. As such, you need to have good titles that can stranglehold your readers’ attention.

Answer comments

One of the most successful formula of popular blogs is commenting. Answer feedback from readers in a warm and positive way. You could also promote your blog by commenting on various popular blog. Drop a line that they could also visit your site at this URL.

Integrate your blog with Facebook and Twitter

Make your blog more visible and easy to follow by integrating it with popular social media platforms. You can also Like the page of popular Facebook groups and users and use that connection to promote your own blog.

Make your bag visually pleasing

Add interesting images and photos that aren’t too heavy to amp up the appeal of your blog. Also, keep your content short, direct to the point and practical. Online readers have really shorter attention span.

Norris Lemuel Lasay

Norris Lemuel Lasay is a writer on technology, lifestyle and businesses at Broadband Expert. During his free time, Norris writes for relevant blogs in order to share his ideas on his favorite niches.

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