Blog Writing: Battling For Attention

Yes, we are still in this blogging world – updating our beloved sites in the 1001 ways we want. But why? I mean, what is your utmost goal for blog writing? Yeah, of course we want to build success and empire through our blogs and the key is – blog writing. Yes- the phrase “content is the king” is still relevant!

No matter what your objective for blog writing is – whether you are selling something, building your brand or bringing your platform to the next level – you are battling for attention.

In fact there are a huge number of blogs and websites nowadays and you might go across new blogs or websites which age 1 or days in your daily search. Plus the incoming tweets and blog comments, they have the possibility to sink your content in no matter of time. And that is why you have to stand out in the eyes of your visitors, readers and prospects.

And here we are – surviving ourselves in this battling for attention.

Fresh & Liveable Content

In order to grab attention to your content, you must produce a fresh & liveable content means that you have to provide something which is relevant to the current trend or season. For example you are running a health blog and there is currently a newly discovered disease being aired during the prime time. Don’t wait. Use the opportunity and make a research about the particular subject. Then write your review based on your research and your personal opinion. And then bring visitors to your content through social bookmarking, social networking, blog comments and other methods.

The key is your content. Once you got your content done, how you want to drag the visitors to your content is up to you as long as you have a fresh and liveable content to be mentioned.

Knocking Others’ Doors

In order to grab attention from others, never stand still in your own place – your own blog. Spare your time to visit other blogs and platforms. Making frequent visits to popular and relevant blogs and social networking groups is a good idea for you to implement.

Don’t just visit and be a silent reader. Comment, comment and comment. Leave good and positive comment and be a good commenter. Then take the next step to be a guest writer for other websites and blogs. Knock their doors and win your audiences’ hearts!

Put Your Signs Everywhere

Signs – they can direct other people to your blog. And this is one more way of getting attention. How you can do this?

  • Advertisements (Banner, links)
  • Commenting
  • Guest posting
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social networking

You can choose to go for free or paid option for this but if you want to go for the paid one, make sure you do a worth investment for your campaign!

Wrap Up

Whether you want it or not – as blogger and online entrepreneur – we can’t avoid ourselves from this battle of attention, right? So it’s time to think about this matter seriously and start to act!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

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  1. Nice write-up,many bloggers live writing,mainly because of lack of attention or in other words visitors.But one thing is for sure,when you write something of value,its always heard !!

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