Double Your Website Traffic

When it comes to website or blog performance, the most important measure is traffic. As traffic can lead you to sales and profits. Affiliate marketers need traffic to turn their prospects into sales.

Paid and sponsored writers need high traffic to bring in advertisers with high payment and webmasters who love to make money by advertising and selling links need higher traffic and ranks for more expensive advertisement and link spots.

To make it short – to survive in this online world, we all need traffic!

Quality VS Quantity

Before we go deeply into this, let’s take a slight peek on what kind of traffic that you are looking for. You might get a huge quantity of traffic but it doesn’t mean that you can ensure that you get quality traffic. Quality traffic means your website or blog is visited by the target audience which is relevant to your site.

Quality Content

As always – content is the king! Your content can be anything from articles, videos, images or infographics which can entertain and educate your readers and prospects at the same time. This means your content can provide what your readers need. Thus your content must has specific purposes, relevant and inspire your readers to take action. Your readers and prospects find what you want to offer them from your content.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might be slowest method to increase traffic to your web site however it is one of the strongest elements that can maintain your website’s performance in long run. Thus you need to focus on this SEO from time to time. Do keyword research before you start posting any content or launch any campaign. Your keyword must be relevant, has high number of searches with low competition.

Social Media

As SEO might need some time to double traffic to your website, you can rely on social media to drive your prospects to your site faster. Nowadays there are lots of relevant social media that you can use to increase traffic – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest.. you name it.

Get More Links

It is an undeniable fact that more links mean more opportunity and higher performance for your site. Your prospects can find their way to your site and offers through links pointing to your site all over the Internet. You can get more links by doing guest posting, banner & text advertising or developing relationship with other blog owners and webmasters.

Do remember that inspiring content can encourage other webmasters to point links to your site!

Increasing traffic to your website is not an easy thing however it is not impossible to be done – everybody can do it. The most important thing is to put your effort! Pick 2-3 strategies to drive traffic to your site and monitor your website performance in short and long run. Monitor which strategy works best. Trial and error will help you a lot in this phase!

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  1. Discussion forums can bring on the blog hundreds or thousands of people per month. Just write 5-10 posts a day.Yahoo answers is another valuable source of traffic. Just answer a few questions a day, and again, you can get hundreds of visitors per month.

  2. its great posted by you for bring higher and double website traffic on good platform and also about good quality i think it is interesting we should try. i would like to thanks for sharing your ideas here.

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