Impact of Social Media Marketing on SEO Results

Some says Search Engine Optimization is good as dead and the social media is an emerging replacement for SEO. This is not true simply because social media is a significant portion of SEO. Indeed, all search engines take social signals as one of the major aspect when it comes to ranking in search engine. It is not advisable to ignore the context of social media in the overall strategy of SEO.

The impact of social media on SEO will continue to grow for variety of reasons such as follows:

Link Building thanks to Social Shares

When it comes to setting trends, social media has become the platform to achieve this. Try logging in to your social media accounts and you will notice advertisements that are usually catered to what you are looking for or your search history. These ads are easy to follow. Many individuals use social media to look for information that they need when it comes to services and products. Activities in the social media platform can assist in increasing the awareness of the online content that can lead to social shares or more commonly known as link building.

Faster indexing

Search engines consider the content sharing in various social media platforms in their organic rankings. More page links your site acquire, the faster the search engines will index the content in the natural rankings. Social media can assist influencing the quantity of links a content get in small time frame it can time and again speed up the course of content indexation. For instance, an extensively shared or content will lead to 50% cut off in its indexation time, while lessening the time necessary for Google bot to locate the content from 120 minutes to just two seconds. The indexation speed is affected by several factors like the amount of people tweeting or sharing your content, the influence of these people and the period of time of content sharing.

Improved Natural Ranking for Social Connections

Social shares can become a credibility sign and likewise, the quantity of quality connections, friends and followers on the user’s social media affects the natural ranking. Number alone is not enough, there should be quality just like with SEO Syracuse.

Enhancing the Local Search footprint

Local search is becoming more and more vital to businesses that have physical location, in particular the small businesses. Thanks to the mobile usage, many of the local searches for business are done using the Smartphone and this is a convenient way to search on the go. Therefore, it is advisable to stay active for users searching about your business on location-based social network sites.


This factor is very vital in building credibility for your website content that will appear in various search engines. This can drive more trust and recognition to your audience as well as content creators. The listing will include the name, image and the quantity of followers that the author has in addition to the title tag, Meta description and URL of the web page. The benefits of ranking authors are growing in the search results to the more visible in-depth articles. Authorship tag will also make sure preventing duplication of the content in search engines.

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