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There are a lot of platforms for making money online nowadays and one of them is RAP Bank. If you have ever experienced promoting products from Clickbank, you might get familiar with how the system works.

If you’re still wondering what ‘RAP’ means, it is actually stands for Rapid Action Profits as this site is based on Rapid Action Profits system.

I read some reviews mentioned RAP Bank as a competitor for Clickbank as it has quite similar marketplace and system. Whatever, as long as we can make money with it! However when you’re going through the site you will find that RAP Bank is actually a WordPress-based site. Anyway it is just a matter of system.

What differs between RAP Bank and Clickbank is how the commission system works.

For Clickbank you will get paid based on the number or sales you made in a certain period of time. And you will get your commission based on several terms and conditions.

For RAP Bank you will get instant commission to your PayPal account. However you have to follow how it works where you will get commission on the second sale. For example if the commission is 50% the first sale goes to the vendor, the next to the affiliate and so on. For 75% commission the first goes to the vendor, the next 3 to the affiliate. (quoted from PayBack Internet Marketing)

The next difference is on the refunds. Clickbank reduces your commission from your check while for RAP Bank you have to return the money to RAP Bank through PayPal. So you have to let your commission there until the refund period ended.

I just signed up as an affiliate at RAP Bank and (of course) yet to see the result from this site. However I believe it is a good platform for making money online as they have a good system and quality products. And it’s still in BETA version as the time I write this article so it means RAP Bank will be improved from time to time for the benefits of both vendors and affiliates.

The best thing to know about it is – it gives instant commission. And that’s why you shouldn’t ignore it. I’m not saying no to Clickbank, but this is a good alternative and worth to try!

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10 thoughts to “Make Money Online with RAP Bank”

  1. I don’t promote any kind of products on my blog at this time however, RAP seems like something I would try. I was actually looking into how clickbank works even though I do not use it either. Thanks for the great review and comparison with Clickbank.

    1. Yeah, it’s free and worth to join. I yet to see success stories from RAP Bank affiliates but I believe this is a good platform for making money online. Welcome Mandeep and thanks for visiting!

  2. Rapbank is cool, but I personally do not like the system they have set up. Clickbank is way better in my opinion. They have tens of thousands of digital products to promote, while Rapbank has maybe a couple hundred. Rapbank is moving up in the World, but it will be a long while before they can compete with Clickbank for top dog in the affiliate marketing industry!Cool post though…

  3. I’ve joined RAP Bank recently thru bloggerdaily and am still learning where and how is the best way to promote it,appreciate if you could share some tips.

  4. First time hearing about this program. Looks like a good system but their way of doing business adds a little more difficulty to the system. However, something worth-while exploring. Great review!

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