Mindless Activity: Keep Yourself Fresh

One of the problem that you cannot put aside whether you are new in online writing or have been blogging for years – is getting stuck while generating new ideas for your articles.

Running a blog or website where you have readers following your ideas lets you with a difficult task which needs you to produce contemporary and awesome content to ensure that your readers can keep fascinating with your contents. Developing fresh idea is quite the same with working on a great business plan on some aspects as you have put several gems in the picture so your readers can appreciate it while getting your message.

One of the step that I’ve done while facing this moment is doing something out of blogging. Really? Yes – I mean it. Generating fresh ideas for blogging does not mean you always have to find inspiration within your niche or scope – do something else – mindless activity.

Believe it or not (or you might have experienced it), there is a lot of ideas that do not appear during your working time. It might appear when you are doing something else – jogging, taking bath, eating or walking at the park. You might see something that sparks your basic idea or the idea might appear suddenly in your head. You might get your excellent idea while singing in your bathroom!

Constructing the Concept

Once you realize the raw idea that comes into your mind, take your little time to see whether it is possible to be realized. In blogging context – whether the idea can be turned into a new and creative article for your site. Some of us cannot hold sparked ideas in our minds so make it a habit to bring a pen and a piece of paper when we go outside.

Getting fresh & creative ideas sometimes cannot happen solely with brainstorming or forcing yourself to think. Try to do some mindless activities and capture any good ideas which come inside your mind!

Emily Anderson

Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

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