Modifying Comments on Our Blog?

I received an interesting question from my fellow blogger a few days ago – do we have the right to modify comments on our blog? This question is somewhat weird however I think it is a unique matter because I never think or come across to it.

Yes, we receive numerous comments on our blog with different expressions, opinions and styles and sometimes spam. But do we have the right to modify them? For example, some people might leaving short comments such as “Nice!” or “I agree” or doing mistake in typing or use of words. These comments might not a big matter for some webmasters/bloggers, but some of us might consider much about it. Again, the question is – do we have the right to modify comments on our blog?

As I had been asked this question, I will try my best to answer it based on my opinion.

Yes, you have the right
As a direct answer to the question, my answer is yes. Yes, you have the right to modify the comments as it is your blog and you have right on your own blog. You are free to accept and decline any comment as you have the right to administer your blog. But keep in mind that every action will have its consequences so think before you act.

Spam is always spam
I believe the question somewhat regarding to the spam comments where most spammers will send weird or simple and non-relevant comments such as “Thanks for nice post!” or “Informative. I will subscribe to your blog” and etc for the sake of getting backlinks (this case often happen to dofollow blogs) and in order to make the comments become natural, one of the way is to modify them. My opinion is – spam is always spam and there is no any compromise for them. The most suitable treat for them is removing them from your comment section (and it’s better if you’re using Akismet).

You know your blog
I believe most of us know about our blog and we know what we write and publish. So we know what the type of comments that we are expecting from the readers except some comments beyond our expectation (comments beyond our expectation is good, if it’s related to our content). You know what you write and you know your level so let the readers comment because sometimes simple comments might have a great meaning and sometimes you might realize this in the future.

My conclusion is let the readers say what they want to say (except spam comments) and it will be more natural if you let the comments in its original text although there is any spelling mistake because every comment that we receive has its own meaning. So I think there is no need to modify the comments and I believe that the content that you published will determine the comments that you will received.

Nasrul Hanis

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11 thoughts to “Modifying Comments on Our Blog?”

  1. The only time I will edit a reader’s comment is when they ask me to. Usually, it’s only a typo that they want corrected. With regard to spam comments, I think Akismet does an excellent job but I do check them just in case.

    I recently came across a WP plug-in that allows a commentor to edit their comments within a specified time frame. When they edit, the IP numbers also need to match. I haven’t added this to my comments yet but I will test it very soon.

  2. This is a great topic. I am going to need to do a write up about this as well.

    I totally think the owner of the blog has the right to edit the comments. What if the comment offers relevant information but maybe they add a link that you do not want displayed. As blog owners, we should be allowed to edit the link. Or what if a comment uses abusive language or is derogatory of another blogger?

    As a few other bloggers have said, I think you should edit grammatical and spelling mistakes as well.

    Luckily, in the past I have not had to make many edits.

  3. I blogged about this a while back in reply to another blogger who had her comment moderated. She thought she was being censored.

    I agree with you that the site owner retains the right to edit comments. I think what people do not realize that there is a line on what is a constructive comment versus a vulgar one. I have seen some pretty bad comments while leaving my own and sometimes I have been deterred. What if that person who was rude on that site came to mine and wrote something nasty for no reason?

    Spam… that is an understandable reason to moderate a comment.

    I do though believe that site owners should write up a comment policy for their site so others will known why a comment has been removed. There will be people who will email and ask “Hey, why is my comment gone?”

  4. I do agree with you all. As long as, after modifying the comments, it does not modify the “actual” meaning/comment from the commenter.

  5. the comment above deserves to be treated as spam…
    Editing sp is okay, but IMHO, if it looks like spam, smells like spam, then trash it. Spelling errors, I leave alone because of time constraints (and the writer should check for that in the first place). If it’s a intelligent comment, even if it’s for the backlink, I’d keep because it actually adds something to the post.

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  7. I do modify comments to correct the commenter’s spelling mistakes and also to delete links that are not relevant to my blogs and spotted as commenting only to create back links. I love people commenting on blogs though,but I want them to be relevant and more organized.

    We know that we modify comments because there may have been spelling mistakes or links that are not relevant but is it OK if we also modify the thought of the comment and manipulate the whole idea?

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