What Level Of Blog Posts Are You Producing?


You know that content is the golden thread between blog and reader, but have you thought about what level of information you’re providing?

If your running a blog for fun that’s one thing, but lets assume your building a blog to make money too. Then you need to have a strategy for the level of information you want to provide, here are the four levels:

  • Junk
  • Poor
  • Good
  • Best

Lets Take A Closer Look

Junk content provides zero value, it has numerous spelling errors and is very hard to read. I have come across these a few times and it’s just horrible to read. My guess is an article spinner was used and the site owner never looked at the copy, if they did then there’s a bigger problem. Never the less, this content is worthless, glad we don’t see this to often.

Poor articles may have some decent content, but with spelling errors, poor structure and in some cases black type against a dark background it’s almost painful to read. Any meaningful content is lost in the poor construction of the article.

A good posting, which we all strive for, accomplishes a few things.

  • Engages Reader
  • Gives Reader Useful Information
  • Leaves Them Asking More Questions
  • Guides Them To Where You Want Them To Go
  • Makes Them Wanting To Read Future Posts
  • Targeted For Keywords
  • Google Friendly

The books will tell you a good post should be somewhere between 500 to 1000 words, if the topic is longer you might consider breaking it into parts. Also consider a report or mini ebook if the information requires more detail.

What About The Best Posting?

If you plan to make money with your blog you have to save the best for last. In this case the best is for sale. If you blow all your ammunition in a Free post, what do you have left to sell? In some cases if your best information is making money for you, you might decide not to sell it at all. The reason is, when the masses start using it the dilution of effectiveness comes into play, you will have to decide that one for yourself.

Now You See the importance of being conscious about the level of your blog posts, the small things that people can pick up on that makes them want more or makes them run the other way. You also might be giving to much of your Best information out, this can cost you money too.

Your posts/articles is the connection between you and the reader, if they see to many misspelled words or find it hard to follow, you will lose a potential customer. Thank goodness for spell check, I write for content first then spell check after. It’s an extra step, but it’s a step well worth the few moments it takes.

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Nasrul Hanis

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26 thoughts to “What Level Of Blog Posts Are You Producing?”

  1. You gave me some food for thought.

    I feel that Junk and Poor are not all about spelling and grammar errors! Even content with no errors and good design can be junk if it does not provide any useful information to readers.

    Also, good posts do not need to be Google Friendly. Most important thing is that they are meant for readers!

  2. Yes, you shouldn’t lower your standards for the internet. You should always try to write as well as possible, supplying lots of good information.

    And if you can make it insightful and unique as well, then that’s a real bonus. People are more likely to link to you then. That’s why you shouldn’t sell your best insights, or give them away in comments or forums. Put them on your blog and reap the rewards through traffic that keeps coming over a long period.

  3. WebsiteGrader.com provides a great resource to get an idea of not only how your site is performing but at what level of writing is published on your website/blog.

  4. We all need to really evaluate our posts. Like Ric said, are your posts junk, poor, good or best.

    We need to be brutally honest and ask ourselves how can we improve our posts.

    Constant improve is what we should strive for.

  5. There is a lot of duplicated or “spun” content out there. People try to make their content unique by sticking it in a piece of software to change a few words, which creates rubbish content that doesnt make sense.

  6. For me, content is always the king. With great content, you can then leverage the social media easily and drive ton of traffic to your blog that will be your loyal readers.

  7. It’s completely accurate. inside My skill, I tried near to the ground superiority comfortable a lot of period, several of them were robotic substance creations. And to end with they unsuccessful.

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