Common Website Mistakes Made by Small Business

Apart from not knowing how to get traffic to their site through SEO (search engine optimization), many small business owners get lost, bogged down, and fail with their websites. A little research and some assistance can make your website really work for you. It should be more than a photo album and notes online. Here is a look at some of the common mistakes made by Australian small business owners.

While more Australian businesses are attempting to get online, there are fundamental flaws that many of them make. This article will help you have a better understanding of what you need to do. Sometimes the simplest websites can actually bring a lot more results than others. There are a number of reasons this is the case, from search engine optimisation to the actual website design.

No Understanding of SEO

When you make a website, it is important you understand how Google will find your website, and also how you promote it online. Without this understanding your website is like an orphan. Some website builders will actually help you with this. Google and MYOB’s campaign to give small business a website, may look very plain, but at least it will tell you how to plug your site into Google’s search engine.

Poor Design and Content

Your site needs to look good. It needs to be clear, and it needs to be easy to read. Your content needs to communicate a message. It is important to think creatively. Just an explanation of how well you paint interiors will not be good enough. Use good quality pictures and add value by informative content, such as, advising on what materials you used, how long it took, and the rough cost, for example. Simple design and content that really shows your abilities is important. Your content needs to be useful to them. Use your knowledge and give advice – blogs are great for this. Avoid clutter, but don’t look so smooth, there is nothing of interest.

Poor Response

If someone contacts you via your website, how will you respond? It is important you have automated tools that communicate with a user and immediately advise you have got their message, and will contact them in a limited time frame. If they don’t have this feeling from your site, they will no believe you are worth dealing with.

No Call to Action

Just telling your potential customers what you do is not enough. A call to action is about getting them to do something. Whether it be to subscribe to your blog, get a quote, find out more, it does not matter, you need to get users to do something when they visit your site. You might need to give a promotional offer to get them to jump through hoops.


Does your website allow users to go where they want without thinking? You might think it is obvious enough, but that is because you know your site. You need to look at your site from the perspective of someone who does not know it.

You will have to promote your site constantly, if you want it to be a success. This means both online and offline. It may only be a little work each day. If you learn a little about SEO you could be getting thousands of visitors everyday in no time. Have a look at some of the larger brand websites in your category, or even those which are not. This way you will get to see what the professionals have done.

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  1. Having relevant media content – pics, audio and especially video – can help tremendously. Not only do you want them to get to your site, but you have to keep them there. Don’t forget it.

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