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Nobody can deny the fact that Twitter becomes a popular social networking and microblogging today. You can share latest news, pictures or even getting traffic to your site via Twitter.

The question is – are you using Twitter efficiently?

There is no exact amount of Twitter users as it is increasing from time to time. Alexa had recorded an increase in the percent of global Internet users who visit in 3 months. There are 1+ million Twitter users in March 2008 and maybe you can imagine how much Twitter users at this sec.

Lets see some tips on using Twitter efficiently.

Benefit Other Users
Some Twitter users seek interesting knowledge and latest information via Twitter. If you found any interesting articles, sites, or anything benefit to the others, don’t forget to twit it for others’ benefits. You can put a ReTweet button for your blog if you want your readers to spread the words. This is one of the technique to increase traffic and attract the visitors to visit your blog. You can also share any interesting photos with TwitPic.

Communicate with Other Users
Communicate with other Twitter users by replying to their tweets or approach them. You can do this by using the @reply function. This technique is effective to attract other users to follow you and bring you to approach more Twitter users.

Promoting Interesting Products
Got an interesting product for sell or giveaway? Promote it through Twitter! Today Twitter becomes a making money tool as the affiliate URLs can be promoted easily plus the long affiliated will be automatically cloaked by Twitter.

Use Twitter Clients
You can use Twitter clients to make your activity via Twitter becomes more easier. There are some interesting Twitter clients such as DestroyTwitter, Twitterfox and Tweetdeck. These clients added with some functions to make your Twitter activity fun, easy and enjoyable.

Add Yourself to Directory
Add yourself to any Twitter directory such as WeFollow. You will meet a big number of Twitter users there. By following and approaching more Twitter users, you have the potential to get more followers!

Avoid Duplicate & Irrelevant Tweets
One important thing that you have to avoid is tweeting duplicate & irrelevant tweets. There are some Twitter users tweets the same thing for more than 10 times! You may lose all your followers and lose your credibility on Twitter.

These are some of tips that I could share. I know there’s a lot of them. Feel free to add yours or leave your opinion below =)

Nasrul Hanis

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