Writing Persuasive Articles

We encounter persuasive writing everyday in our life. Whether it’s the radio announcer telling us why we should keep listening to the station or a politician giving speech on why we should support him, persuasive element plays an important part in our modern lifestyle and thoughts.

Thus persuasive article is a great tool for bloggers for particular targets and purposes.

The goal of persuasive writing is to successfully attempt and convince your reader to believe you and take action thus it is necessary to understand that persuasive writing depends heavily on facts and not just opinions.

A persuasive article can be used to convince your reader regarding a certain idea where you have to offer the reader reasons to believe and take action based on what you have wrote for them.

In a persuasive article, it’s the writer’s job to convince the reader to accept a particular point of view or take a selected action. Persuasive articles need good analysis, awareness of the reader’s stand and a solid understanding of opposing sides of the topic. A smart persuasive article demonstrates not only why the author’s opinion is correct but also show why the opposing view is incorrect.

In order to craft the “words that sell” a number of researches show that stories are among the most persuasive types of writing. Set your time to craft an argument that you will enjoy writing as rushing things would solely make it worse. Get yourself enough time to brainstorm, write, and proofread the article and put your utmost effort in the time given by yourself.

Persuasive writing is an essential part of blogging as connecting deeply with your readers or ensuring that your articles or stories gone viral are some of the important steps for your ideas, offers or products to make their ways into your targets’ minds.

Know Your Audience

You are nobody without audience! Determine your ideal reader and get information about them – who are they? what they like? You need these kind of information to write persuasive elements thus you need to have the correct audience in your mind first.

Be Realistic

Be logic and realistic as your readers got their own various reasons! The most effective way to ensure that you are being realistic with what you are telling is to relate your writing to someone or any proven quotes or researches. Ensure that your points have something that can relate your audience to a deeper level which is beyond the events which are being told in the article.

Straightforward Structure

Keep in mind this one golden rule: keep the structure easy. Readers prefer to follow a logical, straightforward and easy-to-understand structure with elements of suspense, reader engagements,  plot twists and memorable endings.

Writing persuasive articles helps you to grow your business and develop your ideas to the next level. It’s time to let your creativity shine through your persuasive articles and let the readers take the action that you have planned in advance!

Emily Anderson

Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

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  1. If the title of the article catches the readers’ attention, they will click on it.. if they liked what they read on the first paragraph. they will continue reading. If you give your readers what they want, they will continue reading your stuff and will probably come back begging for more.

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