Blog Branding Lessons From Fast Food Meals

I was walking to my class when three girls running into their class and shouted “Hey, who’s eating KFC here?”. And it happened because of the smell produced by the KFC meal set. * sniff sniff * and I knew it is a set of meal by KFC.

And I think meals from Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and other fast food companies can be detected through their smells. See? We still not see the product but we can detect what it is and where they are from. And people can mention their brand. This is because these brands has been recognized by most consumers.

And this gives me a thought of the same concept that we can apply for our blogs and products!

Of course it’s a huge gap between the brand of our blog compared to those big companies plus blogs can’t be sensed or found through smells! But let’s see some lessons that we can get from fast food meals.

The smell between different brands are different, right? This means that every brand got their own unique elements. It is not compulsory to be extremely distinguished from others but you have to have your own unique identity so the visitors or fellow readers can say: This blog/product¬† got something that I can’t find on other blogs, sites or products!

Emphasize Attractiveness

It is not a secret that attractiveness is one of the important elements in business. Without attractiveness, the possibility for you to attract the customers and visitors is totally small. If fast food companies attract the consumers to buy their foods and beverages through tastes, colors, gifts and designs – you can apply the same concept for your blog! Attract visitors and readers through interesting and unique design together with useful and pulling contents! Sell your products with attractive design, sales page, squeeze page and promotional banners!

Sell What They Want

“They” refers to the consumers. For us, “they” refers to visitors, readers and also prospects! So how to do this? Fast food companies sell what people want to consume and they are doing research to know what people are looking for. In addition, you can notice these fast food companies do promotions related to the current festival or season such as New Year, etc. Do the same for your blogs, promotions and products – give visitors and readers what they want to read, give them free reports, guides, software, tools and E-Books! Give your readers what they are looking for and they will be your valuable prospects!

Do you have any extra ideas on what branding lesson that we can learn from fast food companies? Feel free to leave your thought through the comment section below!

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