First Impressions Matter: Turn Clicks Into Buys with 3 Simple Tips

In the world of digital marketing and advertising, a lot of focus is put on impressions and clicks. That has become something of a metric to determine success. But is it the right way to analyze how well your campaign is performing? Not in my book.

Of course, I’ll concede that impressions do matter. You want to reach as many people as you can. But guess what? It’s no good getting eyes on your page if the end result isn’t a conversion.

For all of the hits that you’re getting, for whatever reason, you’re just not getting a conversion rate you can be proud of. It’s tough because you might not want to change your tactics too severely. After all, you’ve done something right if you’re getting plenty of clicks. So, rather than radically overhaul your digital marketing strategy, how can you supplement it? It’s all about knowing the little things to tweak to make sure that those first impressions count for something.

What we’re going to try and achieve here is conversion rate optimisation. Let’s boost the rate at which people actually so what you want them to. To start with, you absolutely should enlist the help of conversion rate optimisation services. They’ll be able to analyze your current strategy and offer any pointers as to what you’re doing wrong. This is especially helpful in getting those little nuances down, rather than totally changing up how you’ve got this far in the first place.

So, what are some of the other little tweaks that you can make to your site that aren’t going to affect your number of impressions? Let’s dig in.

#1 Focus your domain name and tags so that they’re relevant

Yes, that includes your titles and headlines. You don’t want to cram them full of irrelevant keywords (also known as keyword stuffing). You do, however, want them to be short, sweet and brimming with relevant keywords. They should all be compelling, as if that needed to be said. Don’t forget to optimise your page for the local market.

#2 Take feedback into account, even if it’s negative

Yes, constructive criticism is the key to growth. Take it from me, disgruntled customers shout the loudest. And other people will ignore ten favourable reviews in light of one unfavourable one. That feedback is your greatest weapon. Use it to make changes to your site. It might just help you uncover the secret as to why people are hitting the back button after finding themselves on your landing page.

#3 Use online tools to tailor ads to specific visitors

One of the reasons your impressions are dampening your conversion rate is that they’re not relevant to the visitor. Picture this. What good is an extreme sports ad if it’s being put in front of a pensioner? You’d have to strike it pretty lucky for it to leave a lasting impression.

Try putting all three of the above tips into practice and see if it makes a difference to your conversion rate. You might find that it’s a long-term process, but it’ll be worth the time and effort.

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