How Much Blog Should I Have?

I received some questions on blogging asking about similar things – “to be a successful blogger, how much blog should I have?”

When I started blogging, I just have a blog and considered myself as a blogger. Now I have more than 5 blogs with on various niches, and I also consider myself as a blogger.

I guess the question came into mind of some of us when we’re reading the stories of successful bloggers where some of them have more than one blogs.

The fact is – number of blogs is not the ultimate factor to determine success in blogging.

I agree that more blogs mean there is more potential for more cash, for example if one blog earns about 2USD per week, it means 5 blogs will give the webmaster about 10USD per week. I’m saying thing based on logic. But in the same time if a blogger can focus just on one blog and then build a huge reputation with it, there is a possibility for the webmaster to earn more than 5 blogs’ earnings!

See the situation?

The thing is you have to decide based on yourself.

  • How is your blogging style?
  • What is your blogging goal?
  • What is your blogging strategy?

Ask these questions and you can determine whether you have to create just one blog or more than that.

For myself, I love to know, write and share on different niches and I can’t put all niches just in one blog – it will destroy the site. My goal is to know a lot of things from blogging where I have the chance to learn things on various niches through blogging while making money online. And my blogging strategy is – creating different blogs for different niches. See?

If you have the passion to write just in one niche for example – ‘making money online‘, I think it’s better if you stick to just one blog and build your reputation through the blog. Some bloggers love to write on different niches but cannot manage to run more than one blogs, so it’s safer to run only one blogs with contains various niches however the way you blog must be properly arranged.

Both ways have their pros and cons. It depends on you. And don’t ever decide based on what other people say because you know who you are, how you do your work and what you want to achieve.

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

8 thoughts to “How Much Blog Should I Have?”

  1. I’m very new and I started with one. I’m trying to learn and go easy. Anyway a friend is helping with a second blog. I guess it depends on our passion and how much time we r investing …

  2. I do agree with your statement on your post. How could you give your time to create many blogs if you can’t even put up a quality and informative post on it. Creating several blog site is no joke and needed thorough analysis and great content.

  3. Based in experience, I have one blog at first and concentrate on it. I have written valuable contents that can attract readers. After increasing traffic to this blog. I have made another blog and made similar to the first one. Though its hard but I enjoy it.

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