Why Your Online Branding Might Be Stale

Modern companies today, especially new companies, are almost entirely dependent on online branding to generate new business. Today’s startups are rarely the sort of companies that create tangible physical objects that their clients can hold. Instead, they’re all about providing services and creating money through the sale of their expertise.

For this reason, branding is a lot more important than it was in the past. In the past, a product could speak for itself. We saw the rise of companies like Rolex and Armani, thanks to the quality of their offering. Even GoPro – the maker of mobile sporting camera equipment – was able to advertise through its own products. But new businesses, especially those in software, client support and agency work, need to think very carefully about their branding in order to be a success. So what should they do to prevent their public image from going stale?

Avoid Jargon

Many businesses make the mistake of using industry jargon on their website when trying to sell to customers. Companies often do this in the belief that it makes their content clearer and more concise, but in reality, it ends up alienating customers and causing them to switch off. An important part of website branding is using terminology that your clients can actually understand. Speak in frank, simple language that makes it absolutely clear what problem you solve for your clients. Even the least informed people should be able to glean from your website the products you offer and the benefit these products have for them.

Turn Yourself Into A Resource

Not all branding is direct: instead, a lot of it is making yourself appear to be a leader in your field. This prestige can do a lot to enhance your brand. If people think that you have status and prestige in a certain knowledge area, they’ll go to you more often than they’ll go to your competitors.

A good place to start is to offer things like ebooks and whitepapers. These resources will help convince people that you really know your stuff and that you’re a leader in your field. If your customers and clients are impressed, they’ll share these materials with other potential customers, expanding your client base even more.

The trick to becoming a successful resource for your customers is to combine your knowledge with humour and current events that your customers might be interested in. Bringing all this together is a great way to make your resources not only informative but also entertaining.

Display Your Recognitions

The biggest problem with marketing is that customers rarely believe it wholeheartedly when it comes from your company itself. There’s an obvious vested interest for you to put your best foot forward. This is why so many businesses seek the accolades of third party organisations to lend credence to their own claims about being the best. Obtain these accolades whenever possible and then display them next to your advertising on your website to back up the fact that you’re a leader in your industry.

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