3 Main Reasons Why I Love Blog Interact

Do you ever heard about Blog Interact – a cool social media network over the Internet?

When a fellow blogger invited me to this site, my first thought is this site is same with other bookmarking site. But I’m wrong because it is more than that!

So today I’ll share 3 main reasons why I love Blog Interact. Check it out.

1. Sharing is cool

One of the main factors why I love  blogging so much is because it gives me the opportunity to share various things – same with other bloggers. Blog Interact let me share various things from blogging to technology articles. As I have blogs with various niches, Blog Interact is a nice place for me to share the contents I produced. And yes, I found a lot of cool things too!

2. It’s easy

Blog Interact is an easy platform. Easy to join. And easy to use. I can register myself in 2 minutes – and start interacting! The interface and functions are user-friendly too so I don’t have to spend much time to get my hand on it. The functions are clear and once I see them –  I know what I can do with them. Simple. I love it.

3. Cool new friends

Yes, I can meet a lot of friends via Twitter and Facebook but with Blog Interact – I can meet a lot of bloggers and webmasters! I feel appreciated when the contents that I shared are being commented and voted by other members.. and some people start to follow and connect with me. This is awesome as building connection is something essential for a blogger to go to the next level.

Let’s Interact

I guess the best way to understand what I’m saying is by trying it yourself. It’s free and worth your time. Let’s interact now!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

5 thoughts to “3 Main Reasons Why I Love Blog Interact”

  1. Nasrul,

    I am glad you feel this way about Blog Interact. I always want it to feel like it’s a place that belongs to everyone! It’s always been good to have you – Bryan

  2. I love to share my knowledge on my blog too.That’s the way I am making new friend and build reputation.Blogging also help me to improve my writing skill

    1. That’s good to hear, Kevin. It is something that a blogger must do and I would like to suggest Blog Interact as a good platform to expand your contribution! 😀

  3. Now i’m thrilled felt this fashion approximately Web page Interfere. It’s my job to want to buy to make sure you sense you are it’s a point which usually connected to make sure you all of us! It’s always been wonderful to experience you will – Bryan

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