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As most search engines are not in favor with plagiarism or similar contents, avoiding plagiarism is one of elements in to-do list for most writers including online writers. You might curious whether the article that you have created (whether you originally created it from zero or spanned) has a certain level of similarity with other articles over the Internet.

One of the problems is – some plagiarism checker just tells whether your article is similar with other content or not thus you have to find which part that is similar or seems to be plagiarized from other content.

Then I found Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker.

It’s simple. Paste your article that will be published in the space given and click “Check for Plagiarism”. Wait for a while and you will be displayed with the results on how much percent of unique content that you have in the article. A good feature which caught my attention is the plagiarism checker displays which parts of content that similar with other content available on the Internet with their URL links and published date. Thus it let me know which part that I should modify until I got higher percent of unique content.

It’s free and worth to try – Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

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2 thoughts to “Check for Plagiarism with Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker”

  1. This site is whack. I write for a living and use three plagiarism sites to check all of my articles before sending them to my clients. Recently, a client asked me to use this site, so I tried it. This stupid site was saying that I plagiarized simple words and small phrases such as “They wanted”, “They were”, “American Pit Bull Terrier”, “clip its nails” and “can live up to”. I mean….REALLY????? At one point, the site even told me that my article (which TOTALLY came out of my own head) already existed on the Internet. When I messaged them to complain, they never answered…but what is the point anyway? The site doesn’t work, and I would NOT recommend it to ANYONE.

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