5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile

Is your website as boring as your life? How would you like to make life less boring? Turn up the heat on your life a notch with something exciting and exhilarating. How about trying something new? Didn’t you ever want to feel the rush with nothing but your foot holding you in place?

Barefooting tricks while water skiing might just be what your doctor order in order to get you motived to switch your website around and make it mobile. It is called the Front Toe Hold which means nothing is holding you up but your foot. If you look down, you will go down just like if you don’t update your website to make it mobile friendly you will go down. It is all about balancing and keeping your shoulders forward.

When you do this water skiing trick you need to remember to put your whole foot into the strap, not just your toes. Very similar to your website, if you don’t turn your whole website mobile you will see your web traffic results go down.

Don’t believe it is possible? Watch Keith St. Onge world champion barefoot water skier do the front toe hold and see for yourself how important it is to have everything in balance. The five reasons your website needs to be mobile are:

  1. Everyone is on mobile.
  2. People on mobile behave different than those on traditional websites.
  3. More people buy on their mobile devices than on traditional websites.
  4. Social media refers through mobile technology.
  5. Having a great mobile site can boost your brand.

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Eliminating Blogging Distractions

The first thing to say is – blogging is awesome and interesting!

The second thing is – some distractions could slow down your blogging activity.

I’m currently facing these distractions and as the result I failed to update my blogs on time. My traffic dropped drastically as well as my income except for some blogs which could maintain its performance although they are not being updated. By the way updating is absolutely essential to maintain the blog performance.

Here I’ll share some of the highly-disturbing distractions that I have to face in blogging.
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Giving is Noble


Phew. Long time since I last updated BloggerDaily. Some readers had emailed me asking whether I’d stopped blogging or wanna sell this BloggerDaily. But I’m not. It’s just a matter of time where I have to solve some sort of works. And now I’m back for blogging.

I just learn a new thing in blogging – that giving is a noble thing to do.
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