Eliminating Blogging Distractions

The first thing to say is – blogging is awesome and interesting!

The second thing is – some distractions could slow down your blogging activity.

I’m currently facing these distractions and as the result I failed to update my blogs on time. My traffic dropped drastically as well as my income except for some blogs which could maintain its performance although they are not being updated. By the way updating is absolutely essential to maintain the blog performance.

Here I’ll share some of the highly-disturbing distractions that I have to face in blogging.

1. Email

Yup, email is important in our life now. And honestly I feel like my daily life is not complete without reading email. The negative side of it is – it becomes a distraction for me to update my blogs. And in addition the emails are coming from time to time and as the result I end up myself reading all those emails and ignoring blogging.

2. Facebook

Facebook becomes a superb fever now and I admit that. With all interesting features and chances to meet old friends (sometimes new friends), I could spend half-day in front of the PC with Facebook! And when it’s time to shut down the PC, I realized that I forgot to update even a single blog. And it’s too late to regret.

3. Gaming

Yes, I’m a gamers but not the hardcore one. I love playing action and RPG games and sports, sometimes. The problem is playing games makes me forget about blogging. The only concern is how to finish the game or meeting some boss characters in the game levels. And again, it’s a regrettable moment when I closed the game and realized that – no blog had been updated on that day.

4. Laziness

This is the common problem. And I believe that the ultimate way to solve it is by forcing myself to be hardworking. Put some efforts and passion and it works! (hopefully)

The Solution

My current solution for these distractions is by closing other tabs and programs other than the one for blogging – admin panel, resources, etc. And I found it works effectively.

It seems I missed a lot of things. Time to get back on track!

Nasrul Hanis

Blogging & writing as a part of life. A Thesis lover who loves to spend most of his time exploring and discovering new paradigm and meet new friends.

15 thoughts to “Eliminating Blogging Distractions”

    1. Yeah, being addicted to playing games is something that I cannot avoid! But now I’m trying to spare minimum time for it so I can spare more time on more important matters including blogging.

    1. I agree. Since a lot of people adore Facebook, it becomes an increasing trend and sometimes it distracts working time. I suggest the best way is to close it first before you start working.

  1. Yeah since Facebook involves a lot of interesting features, I also spend most of time in participating all those activities. Mailing is another factor that distracts me from blogging.

    1. We can’t deny that Facebook has interesting features and pulling attractions! And that’s why some people can spend most of their daily time for Facebook!

      Yes, mailing is one more thing which can distract us. I always tend to check it although there’s no new email. So my solution is by closing all the distractions before I stat doing any task.

    1. Yes, you’re right. The technology changed our lifestyle drastically and new things come from time to time. I guess the old time had been left behind unless it becomes a current phenomenon again.

  2. Facebook has to be the most distracting thing for me when I’m trying to get some work done. Normally, laziness isn’t an issue, but hot damn Facebook is a killer. I deactivated my account about 6 months ago, but they make it so easy just to log back in. Damn you facebook.

    1. Haha, Facebook did a lot thing to pull users to their site. And they got interesting features and attractions inside it. Most people agree it becomes distraction, but they’re still addicted to it.

  3. AHH … the bane of my existance, Facebook … I could get stuck there all day. Too easy to get caught up in messaging, chats, groups. I really have to budget my time…

    1. Yeah, you can do a lot of things with Facebook as they got interesting functions and features there but keep in mind – it could not help you finish your works!

      And yes, it’s very important to budget your time! 🙂

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