How To Gain Blogging Readers

If you own a blog and you are on the lookout for ways to increase the number of blog readers, here are a few tips that will help you accumulate huge reader base.

First and foremost step in gaining readers is to keep your blog updated. Blog posts at frequent intervals will attract more visitors. The next thing to focus on is optimizing your blog with keywords relevant to your theme in order to attract search engine traffic.

Give and take policy works good in gaining visitors so it is a good idea to visit other blogs and leave comments on their postings. This way the blogger will visit your blog to check out what you offer. Good comments with links on other blogs often attract visitors.

Responding to the comments left by your readers will encourage them to visit again and this is a sure fire way to retain your blog readers.

Try writing guest posts on others blogs and there is a possibility to divert a good amount of readers toward your blog. Running contests is one other way to attract enthusiasts toward your blog.

While social bookmarkings can certainly help grow your traffic, participation in forums and social networking sites like facebook or twitter will boost up the number of readers several times. Providing a subscription method to your readers so that they might be notified while you post a new traffic is a great way to increase readers.

Kristina Ross

Crewind communications owns a number of informative websites on various topics ranging from hobbies including all graffiti styles to health-related articles that provide useful information on most sorted topics like stress relievers.

6 thoughts to “How To Gain Blogging Readers”

  1. Hey Kristina,

    Great Post. Contests is really a great way.
    I think social bookmarking and guest posting are the best ways to gain blogging readers.
    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post. Great Job.

  2. One way you can gain more readers is blog commenting, not to the people that you already know, but to the people who are new. Try to reach 2, 3 new people a day because it’s a great way to build up relationship.

  3. Very nice blog. From my opinion to update the blog is the best way to gain blogging visitors. But we must not forget the keywords relevancy. Both are essential processes to gain more blogging visitors

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