Keeping on Blogging: It’s Time to Make Money From Your Blog

Historically, writers have always been viewed as starving artists, desperate to be paid for their words. Now, in the digital age, blogging has become a great way to earn money doing what you love. Blogging can be a lucrative career option. But, it needs to be done correctly to ensure that you are making the most from your writing.

Making money from blogs can be tough. You need to know the tricks of the trade. You may have to be willing to work for free. Now is the time to make money from your blog. You don’t have to give up on your dream of becoming a paid writer.

When you are finding clients, you need to make sure that they hire you, not the other writer. Here is how:

Get Awesome

Yes, really. When you start a blog, you need to ensure that your content is fantastic. It needs to engage with people on a deeper level. You need to make them fantastic. Of course, this is easier said than done. Consider your niche. What are you good at? Where do your passions lie? Once you discover this, you can then start writing in a more engaging way. The more niche your content is, the better. Make sure that you are encouraging comments and discussion. If people comment on your blog, they are engaged. While this may take some time to hone, it’s imperative that you are engaging and encouraging discussion.

Target Your Audience

Think about your previous life. What did you do before you become a writer? If you come from a legal background, you could get in touch with law firms and offer to blog for them. You need to consider your niche and who will need your services. Once you have established this, start contacting companies and individuals who need your services. Be prepared for rejection. But, also be prepared to negotiate too. Everyone knows that content is king. So, play on this in your pitch. You never know, you may get lucky and secure a gig.

Be the Master of Self Promotion

No one likes to talk about themselves, but one of the best ways to ensure that you are the master of self-promotion is to get online. Utilise social media. Post your blogs to your social media sites and start spreading the word. Use hashtags and engage with other bloggers. Discover agencies and get in touch with them. Now is the time to start networking and using social media in a more detailed way.

Targeting Prospects

One of the best ways of making sure that you are reaching out to the right people is to send blogs to prospects. Use Twitter and Linkedin to strike up conversation with influential people. Get talking to people and make your blog pay. Write a post that is tailored around their industry. Now is the time to get personal and start launching a blog attack on those that matter,

Making blogging pay doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Write to engage with your audience and the rest will follow.

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