My Achin’ Back! 3 Common Health Ailments of Bloggers and How to Avoid Them

When we think of professions and hobbies that might cause injury, blogging likely isn’t the first one to come to mind.

You might think racecar driver or stunt double, but probably not the profession where you usually stay at home and sit at a computer all day. But, as always, you might be surprised.

Blogging can be a wonderful way to earn an income outside of the traditional career avenues. If you have a certain knack or love for writing and you feel you have a voice to share with the world, blogging may be a great choice for you. Of course, blogging takes a lot of work and, to become truly successful, a lot of practice as well. As bloggers we spend all day sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen, and typing away at a keyboard. This can become taxing on our bodies in ways many of us never really think about until it starts to hurt.

Consider these three health ailments that often plague bloggers and follow tips on how to prevent problems.


There have been numerous studies performed over the years concerning sitting for long periods of time and health ailments. It’s no surprise really that a particularly sedentary lifestyle leads to greater and more frequent health complaints in an individual.

As bloggers, we sit much of our days. We’re sitting at our desks, hovering over pads of paper as we come up with writing topics. We sit at our computers and type away at blog posts and follower comments. For those who blog professionally, blogging is a full time career just like any other. That means it’s a full nine hours a day of sitting at a desk to write. Sitting like this for long periods of time over a long time span can put significant pressure on your back. Lower back problems and pinched nerves can be a result of prolonged periods of sitting. Rather than spend your entire day in a chair, try working in a standing position. Take your computer to a high counter and stand for a few hours as you write.

When brainstorming ideas, stand up and move around. Walk outside—this can be much better for your back and give you some wonderful inspiration for your blogging.


A blogger’s closest companion is his or her computer. We put everything on our computers. From our latest blog post to our next big post idea, our computers are everything. While a computer is pretty much a necessity for a blogger today, there are some concerns that come with sitting at that glowing computer screen all day. Computer screens can cause damage to your eyes when you stare at them too long.

Eye strain and headaches can be caused by using a computer for too long or too often. Try to avoid staring at the screen for too long at one time. Look away often. It may sound silly, but even just glancing up and letting your eyes focus on something else for a minute can be helpful.

Always work at your computer in a well lit room. The light from your computer can be hard on the eyes—if you work in a room that is well lit, this strain is lessened. Also, staring at a computer late into the night can disrupt your sleep. Try to turn off your computer and put away your work at least thirty minutes before you plan on trying to sleep.


The clicking of a keyboard can be one of the most satisfying sounds for a blogger. When we really get into the momentum of things, out words just come to us and our fingers just click away at the keyboard. This sound means progress—it means inspiration. But, of course, there are some worries about sitting and clicking away at a keyboard all day.

Things like carpal tunnel and arthritis can develop when you perform a motion over and over again over a long period of time. Typing as a blogger is one of those things you just don’t realize how much you do. The repetitive motion can be worrisome.

Consider getting an ergonomic keyboard, desk, or chair. These devices will help to position your body and movements in ways that are less stressful. Things like carpal tunnel and arthritis develop over time when a motion is repeated time and time again. Think about this before it becomes a real painful problem.


Amelia Wood

Amelia Wood writes about medical billing and coding for various blogs and other venues and can be reached at amelia1612[at]

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